Creating & Optimizing your LinkedIn Presence

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  • Creating & Optimizingyour

    LinkedIn Presence

    Carl B. Forkner, Ph.D.

  • Agenda

    Creating your Account 6 Critical Components Maintaining your Presence What Next?

    and free materials to help you succeed

  • Creating your Account What you need:

    E-mail address Create a password

    Yes, it is that easy!

  • Six Critical Components

    Name, Headline, Industry, & Location Professional Photograph Summary Current & Previous Work Experience Education & Skills Connections (50+)

  • Name, Headline, Industry, & Location

    Proper Name NO Nicknames Include important designations

    Headline 10-12 words describing who you are and what you

    offer to prospective employers

    NOT your current position

    The Primary Industry for your Expertise Geographic Location

    City, State or City/Province, Country

  • Name, Headline, Location & Industry

    Howard YostManaging your Supply Chain Supporting your Customer

    Profiting your BusinessChandler, Arizona | Semiconductors

    Carl Forkner, Ph.D.Inspirational Leader Motivational Educator & Mentor

    Building Successful TeamsMesa, Arizona | Higher Education

  • Professional Photograph



    FREE Professional photographs available weekly at Career Connectors!

    Event schedule:

  • Summary

    You have 30 seconds to sell yourself!

    1. 2 lines stating:

    Who you are (professionally) What you are pursuing (if seeking work) in what industry in what geographic location

    2. 30-second elevator talk

    3. List of Specialties or Expertise

    4. Contact information

    5. Copyright statement

  • Summary

    **EXPERIENCED LEADER AND EDUCATOR pursuing position in education & training,

    corporate, or government leadership in the Phoenix, AZ area**

    AWARD-WINNING PROFESSIONAL with over 20 years of leadership, research, and

    educational experience in K-12, undergraduate, graduate university, and government

    programs. Experienced research analyst and author.

    Enhanced productivity concurrent with resource and cost savings are hallmarks of success

    in leadership and education. My career is replete with experience leading organizations to

    success through innovative strategic planning and providing environments where personnel

    may thrive, learn, and advance. My passion is leadership, education, and training that

    enhances institution and personnel accomplishment.

    Specialties: Education Administration; Academic Affairs; Education and Training Leadership;

    Strategic Organizational Leadership; Research and Analysis; International Affairs; Culture &

    Language; Logistics & Supply Management; National Security Affairs; Information

    Operations; Intelligence.


    Twitter: @carlforkner

    Profile copyright 2013.






  • Experience

    Position Title Company/Organization Name Period of Employment/Service 1-2 lines describing the company

    Not required if company has a LinkedIn profile

    1-4 lines describing your duties 2-4 bulletized lines describing your


    Request recommendations (discussed later)

  • ExperienceDirectorAir War CollegeJuly 2007 August 2011 (4 years 2 months)Montgomery, AL

    Air University is the Intellectual and Leadership Center of the Air Force with about 1300

    students each year. Air War College is the foremost college for air, space, and cyberspace

    education and thought, with about 250 students annually.

    Directed a cooperative culture and language education program between 4 higher education

    schools, serving approximately 750 graduate students and community members, including

    home-schooled students receiving secondary education credits for the classes. The program

    included cultural presentations and Q&A sessions with external speakers who bring regional

    expertise to the university.

    + Pioneered Air University use of social media to provide information and "push" updates for

    scheduling and program offerings to constituents.

    + Developed new process for instructional materials resulting in syllabus-specific materials

    that enhanced learning while reducing materials cost by 75% by establishing a new publishing


    1 recommendation

  • Education & Skills

    Education Highest Degree First Reverse Chronological Order (newest first) What sets your education apart as unique?

    Skills & Expertise Pick those that represent your marketable skills Used by recruiters & HR as searchable keywords Push to bottom of profile

  • Education

    University of Phoenix

    Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Higher Education Administration

    2009 2013

    Dissertation: "Writing Assessment as a Predictor of Performance in an Executive

    Graduate Degree Program.

    Activities and Societies: Cohort writing coach.

    Western Illinois University

    Master of Science in Education (M.S.Ed.), Special Education; Education Administration

    Thesis: "Disproportionate Placement of Black Students in Special Education Classes in

    the Illinois Public Schools

    Activities and Societies: Graduate Teaching Assistant in Assessment and Evaluation;

    Phi Delta Kappa

    NOTE: No date (>20 years ago)

  • Certifications

    Certifications that would be recognized either nationally or within your field

    Human Subject Research EthicsCollaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) Office of Research Education,

    License 6604711 (10/2011), 9782480 (02/2013)

    October 2011 Present

    Standard Special Teaching (Preschool to age 21)State Teacher Certification Board - State of Illinois, License 1196299, 1834978

    September 1983 June 2016

    Federal Equal Opportunity Program AdministrationUnited States Department of Defense

    May 1994 November 2011

  • Skills & Endorsements

    Select from the list of available skills Start with your most important Top Ten

    Once you have skills posted, others may endorse you for those skills

    Remember to endorse others, but only for skills you know they possess

    80/20 Rule This should be the LAST section at the

    bottom of your editable profile!

    The main purpose is providing keywords for electronic searches by Recruiters and HR

  • Connections

    Build your connections by: Searching for professionals you know personally Searching your connections connections Build at least 50 connections to be an All Star

    Be careful with connections If someone you do not know asks to connect:

    View their profile

    See if they are connected to your connections

    If not, are they in your career field?

  • Does Anything Else Matter?

    Absolutely, YES! Recommendations Volunteer Experience Honors and Awards

    Being a Fulbright Fellow is an honor!

    Languages Publications Projects Groups

  • Recommendations

    You should try to get at least 2, and up to 6, recommendations for each position listed under

    Experience in the last 20 years.

    Best method: Request recommendations from another LinkedIn

    colleague. They can enter using the LinkedIn

    recommendations system.

    Give them something to work with! Tell them what accomplishment(s) you would like them to write a

    recommendation about.

    30-40% of people will respond if you give them a hint

    10-15% will respond if you give them a blank sheet of paper.

  • Recommendations

    What if the person is not on LinkedIn? You can ask the person to send you a signed

    letter of recommendation.

    Scan the letter

    Post it under the position as media

  • Recommendation

    Dan Henk

    Director, Air Force Culture and Language Center at United States Air Force

    Carl is a visionary leader and manager and extraordinarily hard worker. Over the course

    of three years, he developed and implemented an innovative new program for military

    language learning in the two senior Air Force professional military education colleges.

    This required the coordination of multiple agencies and the interpersonal skills to

    convince educational administrators to accept significant change. The program itself was

    notable for its high quality and highly positive rating by students. Carl accomplished all

    this while maintaining a full-time teaching position in strategy and warfighting - a

    remarkable achievement.less

    January 31, 2011, Dan worked with Carl at Air War College


    Air War College

  • Volunteer Experience

    Volunteering in the community, within your school, etc.

    Viewed as positive engagement activities

    LinkedIn will not automatically put them in reverse chronological order

    Use the black arrows in your edit screen to move them into the order desired.

  • Honors & Awards

    Should be recognizable or easily explained Car