Evaluation of school music magazine first draft

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  1. 1. My target audience for this magazinewas lower school males. So this wouldinclude anyone from 12-15 years old. Thereasons for this were so I could addfunny and humorous articles. I alsoadded brighter colours to draw in ayounger age group.My magazine shows students in a good lightand also try's to show a dislike towardspoor behaviour. The magazine was meantto be humorous and at the same timeserious to keep the feel of a schoolenvironment.The masthead of the Magazine had tobe something to do with a school. Sothinking about what occurs in schools Ichose this masthead
  2. 2. The contents page is much better than the frontcover which at this stage is fine. Through thistask I have found out that the front page andcontents page of any magazine is vital so the endresult needs to be improvedResearch and planning was a key part in mymagazine as the use of looking and researchinginto different magazines helped me get an ideaof what was already out there. The use of asurvey also helped me find out what waswanted by my target audienceThe use of Photoshop and In design has helpedme produce this piece of work this is my 3rdpiece of work using these technologies. I feel Istill need a little bit of time to get use to thesoftware's. The front cover is the wrong size so Ineed to find away of checking things are A4before I start.