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Horror distinct

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1. D I S T I N C T HORROR 2. Dark forests Abandoned cabins Insane asylums Graveyards Churches Isolated communities Urban areas SETTING 3. Extreme close ups Tracking shots Extreme angles to display power Jump cuts for the quickening of time Ambient sound for realism Monster sounds used to scare Point of view of the monster or the victim Handheld TECHNICAL CODE 4. Blood Wounds Mutilation Weapons Torture devices Dead bodies Low lighting Religious symbols General dark colours ICONOGRAPHY 5. Noel Carrol The Philosophy of Horror Stage one [Onset Phase] where disorder is created Stage two [Discovery Phase] where the character[s] discover the disorder Stage three [Disruption Phase] where the character[s] destroy the source of the disorder to restore normality. NARRATIVE STRUCTURE 6. Main protagonist, the victim or hero often a female character The Final Girl Immoral teenagers who are killed in violent ways as forms of punishment The antagonist, monster/killer Police officers who are often killed off very shortly after being introduced. They are unable to stop the antagonist. CHARACTER TYPE 7. Fake documentary Unknown terror Mass infection/infestation Serial killfest Tortureporn Good vs Evil Murder Revenge Religion Violence THEMES