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<ol><li> 1. Continuing the Tradition All natural products Expertly blended formulations cGMP &amp; FDA compliant manufacturers Life-enhancing formulas </li><li> 2. Expanding the Demographic Another avenue to satisfy non-coffee drinkers Affords us the opportunity to reach and change the lives of children Allows us to tap into a $1B market Gives us entry into the chocolate beverage marketenjoy hot or cold </li><li> 3. The Perfect Fusion.. of Science and Mother Nature all natural, delicious and satisfying! </li><li> 4. A New Spin on a Familiar Product Harnesses all the healthy benefits of cocoa and infuses them with proven brain-supportive herbs. </li><li> 5. A Superior Product PRODUCT NAME SWISS MISS Milk Chocolate JAVITA FocusFusion Cocoa WHOLEFOODS 365 Cocoa CALORIES 90 45 110 CALORIES FROM FAT 20 5 35 CARBS 16 grams 9 grams 24 grams SUGARS 8 grams** 7 grams 22 grams PROTEIN 1 grams 2 grams 2 grams **PLUS artificial flavors and sweeteners (sucralose) </li><li> 6. Its Smart Chocolate Uses European chocolate from Belgium as a base Specially treated to: Reduce the bitterness Lower acidity (pH) Improve dissolvability </li><li> 7. How is the Cocoa Prepared Takes 6 months to mature Hand picked Dried for 2 weeks Slow roasted in their shells Hand sorted to remove kernels Micronized and blended </li><li> 8. Why Cocoa? (OVERIEW) One of the most consumed antioxidants of any age group. Its filled with healthy nutrients like flavonals, polyphenols and epicatechins that have broad and numerous health benefits. </li><li> 9. Why Cocoa (BENEFITS) Increases HDL (healthy) cholesterol Decreases LDL (BAD) cholesterol Lowers triglycerides Lower blood pressure Prevent growth of platelets, etc. </li><li> 10. Why Cocoa? (BENEFITS) Helps support immune health Protects integrity of cell membranes Promotes cell communication Helps minimize oxidative stress </li><li> 11. Why Cocoa (BENEFITS) Helps protects against type 2 diabetes Lowers insulin resistance Helps control insulin sensitivity Improves glucose regulation </li><li> 12. Why Cocoa? (BENEFITS) Helps reduce stress, fatigue and anxiety Promotes sharp thinking skills Improves cognitive performance Promotes long and short term memory </li><li> 13. Your Brain on Cocoa (STUDIES) Preserve bloodflow to working areas of brain Protect against inflammation Slow age-related brain impairments </li><li> 14. SPOTLIGHT: Cocoa study showed that acute consumption of hot cocoa was associated with increased blood flow to the brain for 2-3 hours. cocoa was believed to increase blood flow in older adults or for others in situations where they may be cognitively impaired. </li><li> 15. SPOTLIGHT: Cocoa Drinking two cups of hot chocolate a day may help people keep their brains healthy and their thinking skills sharp. After drinking a cup for 30 days, one-third of participants had a 8.3% improvement to blood flow to working areas of the brain. </li><li> 16. FocusFusion: A TRIPLE Threat Cocoa Bacopa Monnieri Gotu Kola </li><li> 17. SPOTLIGHT: Bacopa Monnieri May improve higher order cognitive processes such as learning and memory. Not only has it been shown to improve motor learning, it has been shown to improve acquisition, retention and working memory. </li><li> 18. SPOTLIGHT: Gotu Kola It is thought to help the functions of the nervous system and increase brain power. It also strengthens memory, concentration and intelligence. </li><li> 19. FocusFusion Cocoa (BENEFITS) Improves focus and attention Helps improve memory and concentration Helps reduce stress and anxiety Helps decrease fatigue and depression </li><li> 20. FocusFusion Cocoa (COMING SOON) $35 / 25 PV 18 packets per box Available FALL 14 New Join / Member packs </li></ol>