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There have long been concerns in social work about the gap between research and professional practice. This workshop highlights the issues involved in developing evidence-informed practice in social work and social care. It outlines current developments across a range of Universities which exemplify the effective mobilisation of research into practice. Contributed by: Scottish Universities Social Work Education


  • 1.Putting it into Practice: Research, Knowledge Exchange and Knowledge Mobilisation Andrew Kendrick (Strathclyde University) Janine Bolger (RGU) Kathryn Mackay (Stirling University)

2. Research can be viewed as: Cold-hearted statistics Selfish or self-indulgent Exploiting service users and professional Distant and removed from practice Expensive/time consuming/lengthy 3. Evidence-based / Evidence-informed Practice Developing methods to evaluate effectiveness of practice Debating the nature of evidence Building a research and knowledge culture across the sector Improving the accessibility of research and improve dissemination and knowledge mobilisation Supporting the ntegration of research and evidence into practice 4. Types of Knowledge Organisational knowledge Practitioner knowledge User knowledge Research knowledge Policy knowledge (Pawson et al, 2003, Types and Quality of Knowledge in Social Care 5. Post-Qualifying Courses and Short Courses Social Work/Social Services Management Child Protection and Child Welfare Child and Youth Studies Adult Support and Protection Mental Heath Officer Global Social Policy and Social Work 6. Post-Qualifying Courses and Short Courses Flexible patterns of delivery Campus based Locally / Regionally based Distance / Blended learning Various levels of qualification Certificate / Diploma / Masters Increasingly multi-disciplinary student group Providing: up-to-date knowledge, space for critical reflection and supporting improvements in practice 7. Partnership through Centres of Excellence: Centre for Excellence for Looked After Children in Scotland (CELCIS) WithScotland Scottish Consortium for Learning Disability (SCLD) Centre for Youth and Criminal Justice (CYCJ) The Dementia Centre (DSCD) 8. Partnership through Centres of Excellence: Training and courses Consultancy and specialist expertise Research Engagement with policy and practice Conferences and seminars 9. Collaborative Research and Knowledge Exchange Projects Post-graduate research students and professional doctorates Practitioner research projects University and agency partnerships Action-research projects and co-production projects with service users and practitioners Knowledge exchange projects 10. Practitioner Academic Exchanges Secondments Split academic/practice jobs Internships Job-shadowing 11. Developing Technologies Virtual Learning Environments Social Media Communities of Practice Knowledge Hubs 12. Developments in Scotland What Works Scotland Research impact and knowledge exchange Social Work Services Strategic Review Research and KE in the strategic review


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