Tell Your Story: Business Storytelling for Arts Professionals

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Stories, not hard-sell pitches, are the best way to make connections and sell your work. Here's a storytelling presentation I made for arts professionals.


<ul><li> 1. StorySelling for Artists Make connections. Promote your work. Bruce Hale </li></ul> <p> 2. Story is about CONNECTION 3. Stories... are the fast train to the brain 4. Number of persuasive messages per day? 5. Number of persuasive messages per day? 5,000 (According to Adbusters Magazine) 6. How do you break through the clutter? 7. Stories stick 8. From storytelling... 9. Stories help you help the listener make a decision 10. Left brain Numbers Logic Just the facts, maam LEFT BRAIN: 11. Right brain Images Emotions Color Stories 12. Whos in control? 13. Why stories work To feel with = To act for 14. What do galleries and grant organizations want to know? 15. Everybody has a story to tell 16. The Five Fundamentals of StorySelling 17. 1. Listen before you speak 18. 2.Tell whats true in you 19. In your StorySelling quiver... Values stories Creation stories Mistakes stories Why Im here story 20. 3. Have a hero with a problem 21. HERO = one person to identify with PROBLEM = lifeblood of story 22. 4. Get hooked on a feeling 23. What creates emotion? telling details pause &amp; see it letting yourself feel 24. 5. Begin with the end in mind 25. Serve your point KNOW your point -- listeners action THROW OUT what doesnt serve it Keep things SHORT &amp; SWEET (2-3 min.) 26. The Five Fundamentals Listen Tell whats true Hero with problem Emotion Point 27. Telling your story One person = timer 3 minutes maximum Feedback: What worked, what could be improved, what you felt Just say:Thank you 28. The story not told 29. StorySelling for Artists Make connections. Promote your work. Bruce Hale </p>