10. Ways to Make Your Home More Secure

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10 Ways to make your Home More SecureKuilsrivier PropertiesUnfortunately thereare a lot of people that just do not have enough money to stay in the bestneighbourhoodor within security complexes, as these places may be too expensive for some individuals.

Make use of an Agent

AProperty agentmay be the best person to approach to make sure you buy in the best possible area you can afford. But what if you are already staying in a neighbourhoodthat gets targeted by criminals?Luckily therearea lot of precautions you can take in securing your property.

2. Join theneighbourhoodwatchPerhapsyoucan start one if thereisnt already one.Kuilsrivier Properties3. Know yourneighbours

Know them well enough so you can be on there for each other in times of need, it does not mean you have to visit each other every day, you can still have your own privacy.

4. Invest in a good alarm system.5. Never hide your keys in an obvious place like; under a pot plant, little carpet or any other place where itcould be findeasily. Choose a place that only you and the person you need tocomein while you are away will find it. Choose the most unusual place you can think of.Kuilsrivier Properties6. Never ignore your intercom or bell;

itcan be a criminal who is checking if there is someone home. Perhaps you are not in the mood for visitors and do not want toanswer butan unwelcome guest is much better than to have people trying to break into your place.

7. Never leave any tools outside,

asyour ladder, rake oranyother garden tools outside, the criminal can , as a weapon and can use your own tools to break in or attack you or your loved ones. Also beware of a too bushy garden, it may bebeautiful butit can also be a good hiding place for someone who wants to steal from or harm you.Kuilsrivier Properties8 .Abigdog can alert you,

butthe criminalsoften knowshow to get them not to alert by giving them poisoned food, better option can be little dogs inside the house that will bark as soon as they spot a movement outside.

9. Choose a good alarm:

There are a vast variety ofalarmssystems to choose from on themarket perhapsyou can invest in some of these as well as soon as you are able to afford it.Kuilsrivier Properties10. Never leave a window open,

when you are not in a room even if it is a small window or have burglar bars. You will be surprised to see where robbers can manage to get into your home.Kuilsrivier PropertiesYou are welcome to send us a personal email at: info@kuilsrivierproperties.com

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