5 Tips to Get Your Candlewood Lakefront Home Ready for Spring Market

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  • 5 Tips to Get Your Candlewood Lakefront Home Ready for Spring


  • Spring is usually the busiest time for real estate and if you are planning to put your Candlewood Lake and Lake Lillinonah properties on the market, you need to prepare for a much smoother selling experience.

  • Here are five things that you can do to get

    ready for a spring sale:

  • 1. Get organizedAlthough there are still a few months to go before you make your move, it is advisable to start packing as early as now. However, it doesnt mean that you should pack up your kitchen and eat off paper plates.

  • Before you show your home to buyers looking for Candlewood Lake real estate, start sorting through your storage closets, attic, basement, or garage to determine what you want to keep, what to give away, and what to sell.

  • Packing your items will make your home look larger and neater when its time to show your home. This will also help you decide whether you need to rent a storage facility while your home is on the market.

  • 2. Keep your home as neat as possible

    Getting your home ready for spring sale means

    getting rid of the stack of unread magazine and

    the cluster of unpaid bills on your table. While

    clutter may seem like a normal part of everyones

    home, buyers looking for Candlewood Lake

    homes will want to see a fantasy version of your

    home, in which they can envision living.

  • Once you have placed your home on the market, you need to exert every effort to keep it clutter-free. To make things easier, reduce the amount of clutter on your shelves and surfaces. Put away items that are regularly on your kitchen sink and pack away the family photos.

  • 3. Study your marketIf you are planning on buying another home, one important decision that you have to make is whether to sell your home first or make an offer on a new home before putting yours on the market. A knowledgeable real estate agent can help you determine how fast homes are selling in your market and help you estimate how long it will take you to find a home.

  • Your financing will also affect your decision so it is advisable to consult with a lender to check how you can finance the transition from one home to another should you choose not to sell your home first.

  • 4. Consider having an inspection before putting your home on the marketOne of the most common reasons a home sale gets delayed is because of home inspection. Buyers usually prefer to have their offer contingent on an acceptable home inspection.

  • Remember that even the smallest home inspection finding can make buyers alarmed or scared. Avoid this scenario by having your home inspected before listing it.

  • 5. Let there be lightAnother way to prepare your home for spring sale is to let the light in. Remove your curtains and clean the windows. You may also boost the wattage on your light bulbs. Keep in mind that on top of most buyers must-have list is a home that is light and bright.

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