5 ways to get your home ready to sell this spring

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5 Ways to Get Your Home Ready to Sell This Spring

With the holidays behind us, its time to look forward to the coming year. For many, that means selling their homes, and either upgrading or downsizing as they move into a new place. While you may not plan to list your home until spring arrives, now is the time to begin working on the monumental task of getting it and you ready. The steps you take this winter will help your home sell faster and for more money when youre ready to list it.http://www.amysims.comhttp://www.amysims.com

Choosing a real estate agent is a major decision for a seller, and selecting the right one is critical to the success of your sale. If you wait until youre ready to sell, youll be contacting agents during their busiest time and may feel pressured to make a fast decision. You can utilize several ways to get to know agents during the winter months before youre ready to list.

Attend open housesFind and follow agents on Facebook and Twitter or other social mediaContact friends and family for recommendationsEmail or meet with prospective agents

While the National Association of REALTORs shows that 42% of sellers using an agent select one from recommendations by family or friends, the other methods are also sound options to help you feel confident in your decision. Once you find one or two agents you think youd like to work with, you can visit with them in person and ask important questions to determine who will be the best fit.

1. Get to Know Real Estate Agents


2. Get the Lowdown on Your HomeOne reason to find an agent early in the process is to get their feedback on your home. They can walk through your property and tell you what they think it is worth as well as any issues you need to take care of prior to listing.

Its a good idea to take this step well before youre ready to sell your home, so you have time to make repairs or changes. The timeline becomes even more important if you plan to do a lot of the work yourself.


3. Learn the MarketIf youve been in your home for a few years, you may be out of touch with the current housing market. You might be surprised to find out what homes are selling for these days (both good and bad), and have no idea how to price your home. While your agent can help you with this task and will provide comparables to help you list your home correctly, you also want to take the initiative to learn the market.

Find out how other homes are priced and compare them to yours. See how agents are marketing these homes and what they have that yours might lack. Discover when the majority of properties are placed on the market and how quickly they sell. Learn what the average number of offers per home is in your area. All of this information can help you become more knowledgeable when its time for you to list.


4. Make RepairsIf your home is in need of repairs, now is the time to take care of them. Dont wait until they show up on an inspection report, even if they are minor. Youll impress buyers with a well-maintained home if the inspection report comes back with very few issues. They will feel more confident in providing a solid offer if they know the home has been taken care of. You also wont have to delay closing the deal with those repair requests after your property is under contract.


5. Clean and De-clutterYoure going to be showing your home to a lot of people when you list it, and you may even have a few open houses. This means a lot of foot traffic will be going through your home, opening cabinets and closets. To help your home sell faster and to maintain a sense of privacy while your home is on the market, you need to begin packing away items you dont need.

Purchase a few lockable storage containers for personal information, and pack away excess dcor and items. You may even want to rent a storage unit where you can store out-of-season clothing, holiday decorations, and other items used only occasionally. This not only makes your home look nice, but it reduces the time it will take you to pack once it sells.


Deep clean your space, including those areas no one ever sees. Have your carpets professionally cleaned and put on a new coat of paint where its needed. Do these tasks now and your home will look and feel like new when your agent begins to show it. Selling your home isnt a task which happens in just a few days or even weeks. It can take months to get everything ready for that closing day. Begin preparing now and youll spend less time waiting once your home is listed.


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