6 Top Tips for Selling your House in Pittsburgh PA This Spring

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6 Top Tips for Selling Your House in Pittsburgh PA This Spring

Spring is almost here and homeowners of waterfront homes for sale in Pittsburgh PA are getting ready to put their homes on the market. No matter where in the country you are, spring has always been the best time to sell a home.

Plenty of buyers actively search for homes during spring time so if youre thinking of selling, here are 6 tips from real estate expert, Connie Wolff, trusted Pittsburgh PA luxury real estate agent:


1. Wash and polish all your windows and mirrors. A clean home is a home thats been well-maintained. Buyers are drawn to inviting homes that show signs that it has been well taken cared of.

2. Raise your curb appeal. Rake the yard of all debris and dead leaves, trim the bushes, remove anything along the path to the entryway.

3. Mow the lawn. This goes without saying but you cannot put your waterfront home for sale in 3 Rivers Pittsburgh on the market with a lawn that looks like it hasnt been mowed for over a year. Nobody would even dare go inside your home with a lawn filled with overgrown grass and weeds. An expert tip is to mow your lawn diagonally so that your yard would appear a lot larger than it is.


4. Set out bright yellow flowers such as daffodils or tulips on the kitchen counter or living room. After the gloomy mood brought by the winter season, all potential buyers are looking forward to the spring season where flowers are all in bloom. Apart from stimulating the urge to buy, yellow flowers also induce feelings of joy and contentment. So make sure to arrange your vases of flowers in a manner that makes it a focal point in a room but not too big or too many that it overpowers the other features of the space.

5. Polish all your floors. If you have hardwood floors, these must be refinished, if necessary. As for ceramic and linoleum floors, make sure to thoroughly clean this by bleaching any dull grout. Also, as much as possible, steam clean all rugs because you may never know exactly how many potential buyers have a sharp eye for even the tiniest details and will get turned off by any signs of dirt.

6. Add a fresh coat of paint on the walls. The effects of a freshly-painted interior and exterior adds to the overall beauty and inviting ambience of your home for sale on the river in Pittsburgh. Allow all of your future buyers to see the potential of the home by making sure that it looks its best.

No matter what city or state youre in, Spring is the best time to put a home on the market. However, just because the spring market doesnt start until April doesnt mean that you should wait until then to start preparing your home for sale. Get ready and youll soon reap the benefits of preparing for the spring market early with a faster, top dollar sale of your home. If youre looking to buy or sell homes in Pittsburgh PA, visit http://www.SoldByConnie.net today.

Call me, Connie Wolff at 412.980.8599 for all your real estate needs. As a trusted luxury REALTOR with proven experience in buying and selling waterfront homes for sale in Pittsburgh PA, I provide all my clients expert solutions, one yard at a time.