Four Easy Ways To Improve A Homes Value

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Four easy ways to increase the value of any home.


  • 1. June 10, 2013Four Easy Ways to Improve the Value of Your HomeHow To Improve The Value Of Your HomeUnless youve invested thousands in renovations ordiscovered youve lived on historical property over thelast few years, your home value has probably taken ahit. According to, Massachusettsproperty owners lost $106 billion in value during thefour years following the economic crash. Valuesdropped almost 11 percent statewide, andhomeowners still lick their wounds as the economyrecovers.While only time can restore home values to what theywere in 2007, homeowners arent helpless in theirefforts to boost values. When it comes time to sellyour home, the little things can add up to make a bigdifference. Consider these small upgrades if yourelooking to make improvements to your home on abudget. Sometimes it is the little things that can makea huge difference in your ability to sell your home in atimely fashion.Clean the CarpetsIts one of of the most common thoughts when home buyers tour properties: Well, were going toneed to replace the carpet. After years of dirty shoes, spilled drinks and other messy mishaps,many homeowners grow to accept their stained foundations. Replacing carpet is an expensiveinconvenience, however, and if prospective buyers tour a home with regularly cleaned carpets,theyll have more money to add to their offers. Have your carpets cleaned annually to improve thechances that the next homeowner will be able to live with them. In between cleanings, vacuumregularly and clean up any spills with a stain-remover.Take Care of Your YardObviously, manicured grass, living plants and a groomed landscape makes a home look better,raising its value. Well-kept yards also inspire surrounding homeowners to take care of theirproperties. As a neighborhood collectively spends time manicuring its lawns, its value goes up, asdo the values of the homes within it. Get some exercise and take care of your yard. While youre atit, lend a hand to your neighbor. Both of you will benefit.Remove Popcorn CeilingsA popular trends in the 70s and 80s, spray-on texture, or popcorn, ceilings have gone out of style.According to, these unsightly ceilings decrease home values and deterprospective buyers. Fortunately, this out-of-date materials comes off relatively easily. Some of thematerial used to create popcorn ceilings in the 70s and 80s contained asbestos. Spray water onthe popcorn, scrap off a piece with a drywall knife and send it to a lab for inspection before you

2. begin. If results come back clear, continue spraying and scraping the ceiling until its bare. A freshcoat of paint will raise the value of your home and remove an outdated eye-sore.Change the Locks and Door HardwareWhile pools, backyards and other luxuries are nice, homes have simple fundamental purposes: toprovide shelter and ensure safety. If the locks on your doors are more than 15 years old, chancesare an experienced burglar could slip past them without much effort. Improve your homes securityby replacing shoddy locks with 21st century deadbolt locks. Not only will the locks look muchbetter, they will also increase the visual security of your home as well. New ans shiny door handlesgo a long way for little money. Just that extra little touch can change the appearance of yourentry.If youre looking to make a serious investment in home safety, security companies can provideadvanced surveillance technology and 24/7 monitoring. Sturdy locks are a reasonable alternative,however, and will deter petty thefts hoping to get an easy steal. rates theMedeco Maxum lock highest in its class.These are four quick tips that can go a long way in not only increasing the value of your home butmaking it a lot more salable in the process.