How to Make Your Palma Ceia Home in South Tampa More Valuable

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  • How to Make Your Palma Ceia Home in South Tampa More


  • If you are thinking of putting your property on the market, you may be wondering how you can make your home more valuable and stand out from the rest of Palma Ceia homes for sale in South Tampa FL. Making your home more appealing to prospective buyers will increase the chances of securing a deal faster. Considering competition, it is extremely important to prepare your home properly. Read on for some tips on how to add value to your home and get ahead of the game.

  • 1. Create more light and spaceA home that has cramped rooms and blocks the flow of natural light will not get the attention of buyers of homes for sale in Palma Ceia South Tampa. Remember that in real estate business, dark and constricted space can be a deal breaker. Most buyers today prefer open floor plans that usually combines kitchen, dining and living areas into one big space. An open floor plan suits a casual lifestyle and makes a home feel light and airy.

  • 2. Add a sunroomIf you want to go with todays popular trend of outdoor living, you may consider adding a sunroom. It is a bridge between your home and the outdoor and may either be heated or unheated. Typically, a sunroom includes features like cathedral ceilings, skylights, and tile flooring. Adding a sunroom is an affordable way to increase your propertys value and it usually less than half the cost of adding a standard room.

  • 3. Do some paint jobOne of the affordable ways to freshen and improve your homes look is by giving it a coat of paint. It will also add value to your property. If you are not sure you can handle the job, then hire a professional. Make sure to paint both the exterior and interior of your home. Dont be afraid to consider a wide range of colors because most buyers today crave colors.

  • 4. Do some deep cleaningAnother easy way to boost the value of your home is by undertaking a thorough housecleaning. Try to give more time and attention to areas that are rarely cleaned such as baseboards, grout, and heating vents. You may consider hiring a professional if you do not have the time to do some deep cleaning. Many of them specialize in residential properties that are either for sale or for lease

  • 5. Install modern light switches and outlet coversAnother way to increase your homes value is by installing modern switches. They can be easily installed using the wires running to the old switches. Before doing the work, make sure to turn off the power to the room or entire house. As for newer outlet covers, they give the impression that the electrical wiring in the house is newer than it really is.

  • 6. Spruce up your yardBefore showing your home to prospective buyers of South Tampa homes for sale in Palma Ceia, make sure to keep your lawn in good condition. Get rid of trash and yard waste. Remember to trim the hedges, get rid of weeds, and mulch the flower beds. You may also plant some flowers or small shrubs.

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