Image of Chawk Bazar an Analysis from Physical and Socio Economic Perspectives

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The ancient city Dhaka which is located on the left bank of the river ‘Buriganga’ has some significant history of 400 years. It has passed through many vicissitudes. It got priority as trade centre as well as military post in Mughal period and as capital city after the war of Independence. The pre-Mughal Dhaka had 52 bazars and 53 lanes. It was known for its industrial and commercial activity. During Mughal period among these bazars, Chawk Bazar became the centre of commercial sector and social interaction. The name of the bazar was ‘Badshahi bazar’ at that time which was mainly a place for retail business. But gradually the bazar was occupied by the wholesale business. This transformation has completed by the year 1930. At present, it is one of the major wholesale business areas. Maximum development of Chawk Bazar took place during the Mughal period. But now-a-days it has started to lose its charm and traditional glory for increasing density and congestion. Chawk Bazar area though signifies a lot, but the existing situation can never support the future growth unless the old city is immediately brought under a redevelopment scheme.

Text of Image of Chawk Bazar an Analysis from Physical and Socio Economic Perspectives

  • 1. Image of Chawk Bazar: An Analysis fromPhysical and Socio-Economic PerspectivesPrepared by : Group 02Afia Sultana Shanta (06 15 002)Swarna Bintay Kadir (06 15 017)Shahadat Hossain Shakil (06 15 020)Mohammed Hamidul Hasan Nabin (06 15 021)

2. Study area profileDhaka64 No. wardChawkbazar-South-west part of 64 No. ward-Surrounded by Shahi Mosque roadand Chawk Circular road.- Total area 89 katha-Total No. of plots 395 Selected plots-Opposite to Shahi Mosque- No. of plots 9-Average plot size 288 sq. ft. 3. IntroductionChawk Bazar is the Evidence of our glorious past.Ancient commercial centre.Area facing problem for congestion.ObjectivesTo explore the image of Chawk Bazar over the ages.To study existing land use pattern in around ChawkBazar.To identify the problems and prospects of ChawkBazar from planning perspectives. 4. MethodologySite SelectionFormulation of objectivesCollection of base mapData CollectionPrimary DataReconnaissance surveyPreparation of check list, questionnaireSecondary DataFGD Questionnaire Literature review Base map analysisData analysisPreparation of the report 5. Image of Chawk BazarMajor EventsFormation of Chawk Bazar in 1602.Badshahi Bazar was established by Murshid KuliKhan in 1702. In 1832 the boundary of the Chawk wasdemarcated by a 4 feet wall. Completely demolished by fire in 1950, 1971and 1974.Structural change During Mughal period structures were kutcha. In British period foundation made of soil. Wooden structure in Pakistan period. Concrete and brick was introduced afterliberation.Fig : Sketch of Chawk(1809) by DowlyFig : Chawk Bazar in 1890 and 1904 6. Image of Chawk Bazar(cont...)Land use Act as administrative center in Mughal period. Transformed into prominent market place in theperiod of East India Company and British.During pre and post liberation highly commercialand administrative use.TransportationBoth water based transportation and kutcha road inperiod of Mughal and East India Company.Brick built roads in British period.Expansion of roads using concrete in Pakistanperiod.Road capacity decreases for unplanned growth inthe post liberation period. Fig 4: Islampur Road (1905)Fig : Highly commercial use of Chawk 7. Image of Chawk Bazar(cont...)Business pattern Market of high merchandise during Mughal era. Transformation into a wholesale market fromretail business during East India Company. Introduction of foreign goods in the pre and postliberation period.Fig : Wholesale businessSocio cultural activity Introduction of Iftary Bazar in the Mughalperiod. Celebration of Fateha Eiazdaham, TaziaMichil and Eid rally during British ruling.Kite festival, Kashida song, Stickfight, Pickle festival were started in Pakistanperiod which still continues. Fig : Iftary Bazar at Chawk 8. Land Use AnalysisConstructionType/MaterialsNumber PercentageSemi Pucca 8 2.0%Pucca 384 97.2%UnderConstruction3 0.8%Total 395 100%Present Plot wise distributionTotalArea ofPlots(Katha)AveragePlot size(Katha/Plot)No ofMainroadsidePlotTotalarea ofmainroad(Katha)Totalarea ofLanes(Katha)69.62 0.181 59 59 19.38According Construction MaterialsArea of Plots , Roads and LanesSource: DCC Base Map of Ward No. 64731708627 2260204060801001201401601801 2 3 4 5 6Distribution according to no. of floorNo.ofbuildingsNo. of floors 9. Land Use Analysis(cont)HoldingNo Name Storey Color Plot Size(s.ft)EstablishmentYearConsturctionMetarialLand use andCriteria340 Alauddin SweetsLtd.4 Ash / Gray 320 1982 Brick, Concrete,Tin SheddingCommercial,Wholesale341 M/s Raja Traders 6 No Color 499 2008 Brick, Concrete Commercial,Wholesale341/A MuhammodiaAtor & Co.5 No Color 321 1980 Brick, Concrete Commercial,Wholesale342 Famous Imitation 5 No Color6821985 Brick, Concrete Commercial,Wholesale andRetailFarooq & Brothers 5 No Color 1985 Brick, Concrete Commercial,Wholesale351 Ator House & Co. 2 No Color 64 1972 Brick, Concrete Commercial,Wholesale352/A M/s Amena Store 2 White 137 1975 Brick, Concrete Commercial,Wholesale353 Capital Cap House 1 No Color 347 1986 Brick, Concrete Commercial,Wholesale andRetail354 Ibrahim & Sons 2 No Color 104 1975 Brick, Concrete Commercial,Wholesale385/2 Abdul HalimMasion3 Blue 114 1972 Brick, Concrete Commercial,WholesaleLand are used commercially for wholesale and retail business.Average Plot Size = 288 sq. ft.All the buildings were established after liberation war.Mainly brick and concrete are used as construction material.Source: Check List and DCC Base Map of Ward No: 64 10. Land Use Analysis(cont)Hold.No.Existing floor wise use Time FrameG.F. 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 1947-1971 1971-1990340 Office Storage Storage Storage OpenSpace, Wholesale4 storey building341 Show room Office Storage Storage Storage Storage Open Space,Wholesale1 Storey building341/1 Show room Office Storage Storage Storage Tin shedbuilding, Wholesaleand retail.5 storey building342 Show room Office Storage Storage Storage Open Space, Retail 2 storey building351 Show room Office Tin shedbuilding, Wholesale2 storey building352/A Show room Storage Tin shedbuilding, wholesaleand retail.2 storey building353 Show room OpenSpace, wholesale andretail1 storey building354 Show room Storage OpenSpace, Wholesale2 storey building385/2 Show room Whole- -sale officeStorage Open Space,Wholesale3 storey building9 Plots of Chawk Bazar have surveyed.Each plot is used for commercial purposes.Due to the increase in business activities the buildings were expanded gradually after liberation .Source: Check List and DCC Base Map of Ward No: 64 11. Major ProblemsOver populationHigh density in the working hour.High job and business opportunity.Traffic congestionRoad capacity is lowIllegal parking and vendors.No specific place for pedestrian.Environmental pollutionNoise and chaos.Open drain creating odor.Improper waste management.Fig : Open drainFig :Over populationFig : Traffic congestion 12. RecommendationLong term project:Shifting of the Central jail.Preservation of historic buildings.Preventing environmental pollution.Rearranging the cable distribution system 13. Recommendation (cont.)Short term project:Controlled traffic circulation.Restriction of traffic flow.No new development for business purpose.Management and maintenance of drainageand waste 14. SWOT AnalysisINTERNALEXTERNALStrength: Historic and authentic value. Strong community bondage.Opportunity: Potentiality for business. Large job market for daylaborers A prominent source of revenue.Weakness: Alarming population density. Traffic congestion. Vulnerable building structure. Cable congestionThreat: The width of the road cannot beincreased. Possibility of massive lossduring fire hazard. Risk of earthquake. 15. Thank you