Selling Your House for the Right Price Fast

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If you need to sell your house this year and fast, here are some ways you can help improve your chances of doing so without having to compromise on price.


  • 1. Selling Your House for the Right Price Fast Lets face it: selling your property in the UKs market today can be a challenge, to say the least. Ask anyone who has had to put their own property up for sale recently and, the chances are, their experiences wont always have been that favourable. Add in to the equation the need to do so under a tight deadline and it can all suddenly become an incredibly intimidating prospect. But there is some good news for those looking to sell their property quickly. Making some simple updates to your property and knowing how best to navigate the market can make all the difference to how fast your house sells and for what price. And theres more good news for potential sellers, this year in particular, as experts are predicting a turn in the market for 2014, which means theres every chance youll have a more successful experience of selling your property. So if you need to sell your house this year and fast, here are some ways you can help improve your chances of doing so without having to compromise on price. First impressions count Sure its a clich, but its one thats particularly apt when it comes to the housing market. For years, theres been an issue off too many houses on the market and too few buyers, which means that those who are looking can afford to be pickier. Scrolling through the pages of places listed on property sites, your house may only have a few seconds to make a decent enough impression to garner a second look, so you need to make sure youre showing it off to its best advantage from the get go. Add into this the fact that
  • 2. properties get the most attention when theyre first added to the market and the pressure is on to make sure you start off on the right foot. It can make all the difference to how much interest you get and how quickly your house sells. Consider some home improvements This isnt to say you need to redo your kitchen in order to make your house sell. But there are some small changes, updates and basic repairs that can make all the difference. Any small DIY jobs youve been meaning to get around to, like basic repairs for example, can help make all the difference, so now is the time to fix that leaky faucet or creaking door. Consider giving your walls a fresh coat of paint as well. The colour scheme that was last updated 10 years ago might look fine to you, but may not be to a potential buyers taste, so its well worth going over old paint jobs. Try not to go for anything too bold; neutral tones will make it easier for the buyer to focus on the property and not the colour of the walls. Clean away the clutter A clean and open space will only ever work in your favour, so a spring clean can make all the difference to garnering more interest. Try and pack away more of your own personal items as well, both when youre taking photos of your property and for future viewings. Just like with your choice of paint, a cleaner space will help anyone looking at your property to envisage themselves and their own clutter there. And besides, the last thing you want to do is turn anyone off on something as simple as a dislike for your collection of antique dolls. Once youve tidied up, make sure you give your house a
  • 3. thorough clean as well, especially in rooms like the kitchen and bathroom, where cleanliness and hygiene is always going to be picked up on. It could mean the difference between getting that all-important second viewing over a similar property. Dont forget the garden If you have an outdoor space, this could well be to your advantage. After all, its an added space that not every home is going to have. So when youre readying your property, treat the garden in the same way as you would any other room in the house. Make sure its as tidy as possible, the lawn mowed. Of course, depending on the time of year youre selling your house, your options for what you can do with the garden will differ. If youre selling in the spring or summer, try and show it off to its best, whether thats with flowers blooming or simply some well placed garden furniture making it look like an inviting place to spend time. Get handy with a camera Before you can even think of getting someone round to view the place in person, youre going to have to work to sell your house with the small amount of information allowed in estate agents and property sites. So this is why pictures are so important: theyre what buyers are going to focus on and what will ultimately determine whether you get them round to view the place in person or not. So now is the time to get a better understanding of how to work the dials on your camera you never properly bothered with. Work out at what time of day your rooms look their best and in what light, then take advantage of this. If youre looking to disguise any flaws or faults, then dont wait for the moment the sun is at its brightest to start snapping away at the damp patches on your bathroom ceiling. And as ever with photography,
  • 4. make sure you have your angles right: this could mean the difference between creating the impression of space and pokiness. Market yourself properly Making sure youre targeting the right market comes down to everything from finding the right estate agent to sell your property to how you arrange your rooms. For the former, find someone who has a history of selling properties similar to yours, with proven results. Dont be afraid to shop around either until you find the agent right for you and your house. And always remember that what worked for one person might not be right for you: its all down to their experience with the kind of property youre trying to sell. When it comes to the latter, its another aspect of the presentation that you need to consider. Find out who your ideal target market is and then try to make your property as attractive to them as possible. Is that downstairs room going to be a study or an extra bedroom? Could the attic space have the potential for more than just storage? Its all about how you sell it. Make sure your price is realistic Price can be one of the major hang-ups for people looking to buy houses so its vital that you make this realistic for your property. In the end, it wont make a difference how great your large garden looks in the summer light you captured so perfectly if the price isnt right, so its important you do your research on this one first. Although you might have an ideal price in mind, you need to make sure this is one that will appeal to buyers in the current market. The best way to do this is look at other similar properties to yours that have recently sold and look at the kind of price they went for. How does it compare to what you have in mind? What sort of prices are other properties on the market for at the moment? Look at both ends of the spectrum and try and place yourself accordingly. A property valuation will always help in this respect as well. In the end, the price could make all the difference to whether or not your property sells. After all, even the most perfect property isnt going to sell if buyers simply cant afford it. For more information about selling your home visit the 4sale2u website -