Spring Cleaning to Sell your Home

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    The Andy Esbenshade Team

  • Youve probably become numb to the

    appearance of your floors, but for people

    considering buying your home, the floors

    couldnt be more important. For hardwood

    floors, cleaning is a multi-step process, and

    each time you go over the floor, you get

    through another level of dirt.

    F L O O R S &C A R P E T S

  • WALLS, CROWN MOLDING, AND BASEBOARDSEspecially if you have small children, your walls

    may have been shown a lot of love while

    youve lived in the house. First, of course, patch

    up any holes or nicks in the walls. Then, gently

    wash your walls with soap, water, and a cloth to

    remove any stains and dust. For crown molding

    and baseboards, you can use paint sponges to

    get into the nooks, crannies, and corners that

    host lots of dust. If the damage is really serious,

    consider having a professional repaint the

    rooms in the worst shape.

  • You may have been able to ignore some leaks and

    faulty faucets, but prospective home buyers may

    not. When youre cleaning, make sure that you

    repair all the leaks, shine all the steel, and de-gunk

    all the drains. One sneaky little place that might be

    the source of some mold and odor is the undersides

    of the plastic flaps in your kitchen sink. Take a

    toothbrush to scrub away all the refuse thats caked

    up on the insides and undersides of your garbage


    S I N K S A N D F A U C E T S

  • HANDLES, HINGES, AND LOCKSLittle is more important to families looking to

    buy a home than the security of where theyre

    living. Go through your house room by room

    and ensure that all the hinges are well-

    lubricated, all the handles are generally clean

    and functional, and the locks are all in perfect

    working order.

  • CURB APPEAL If your mailbox is weather-worn and your siding

    is caked in dirt from storms long past, you

    could lose the interest of drivers who would

    have otherwise stopped to take a look at your

    house. Once the weather gets warmer, make

    sure you take care to plant flowers, power-

    wash your exterior, repair any broken fence

    posts, and seal up cracks in your driveway.

  • Before you start, make a plan All the cleaning and necessary work can be

    overwhelming to the point of near paralysis. Once you

    decide what needs to be done and how long each task

    will take, take an hour or two to plan out when youll

    handle the work.


    CLEANING!The Andy Esbenshade Team