The Social Network Referral System

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Domus Consulting Group shows you how to build a massive online referral system that will make your business take off. How? Everybody in your community will be connected with you. The Social Network Referral System is the Holy Grail of business networking.


  • page How to Build Your Social Network Referral System Pat Kitano & Kevin Boer Domus Consulting Group
  • page Domus Consulting Group is the Thought Leader in Social Media Marketing
  • page We use webinars to teach real estate professionals a powerful system to build massive online presence
  • page Why is Domuss Social Media Marketing System getting rave reviews? (You build a massive referral base and its proven it works)
  • page How exactly do we provide value to your business?
  • page Well, we all know our prospects are online researching real estate So we wont bore you with why you should have an online presence
  • page Youve heard you should get on the search engines But the traffic search engines send to you is often random and irrelevant SEO can be effective, but takes time to work
  • page Youve heard blogging attracts consumer readers Its true, but blogging is so remote from your core business - real estate sales Learning to blog is time intensive
  • page We have something better. We help you develop your business with a concept youre very familiar with Referrals
  • page We show you how to build A Massive Referral Base
  • page We first show you how to build a Social Media System
  • page We show you what to do to make a good impression and what not to do
  • page We show how to use each social media application correctly and teach the protocols of social media Your Resume Your Society Your Broadcast Your Shared Items
  • page We guide you through the social media maze So you can focus on your core business
  • page Next, we help you build your online referral network
  • page In the old days of networking, a referral was like a cold call Referred parties just didnt know each other
  • page With social networks, referred parties can see everything about each other Wow, my cousin is a friend of my referral Nobody is a lead any more. They are Friends of Friends
  • page With Web 2.0 Agents realize they can market themselves far better through blogs and the social media
  • page So now youre on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. The next step is to develop a network of your best referral sources Your best referral sources may not be online yet
  • page You need help to build your online referral system How do you get your friends on Facebook? Every day, Facebook adds 480,000 new members!
  • page Your Social Network is Relevant when all your friends, clients and contacts are on the social media and in your sphere This is your inner circle - your most trusted referral base
  • page Your Social Network is Leveraged when your inner circle builds their own social networks The second circle of contacts Is where your next client is coming from!
  • page Now youre completely connected into your community
  • page So when someone in your community needs to find you I need a real estate consultant
  • page Your network generates your leads but they are not leads any more, they are friends of friends ! Ive connected with someone I trust
  • page This is your Social Network Referral System Ive connected with someone I trust
  • page Domus Consulting Group will help you build your Social Network Referral System
  • page In three weeks, we will teach your whole inner circle how to use the social media and connect with you
  • page And well also teach your inner circle how to develop their own networks
  • page And well teach everybody how to make referrals to you and others in your network
  • page Our Referral System accomplishes what referral coaches teach Touch your network Brian Buffini
  • page This is the Holy Grail of Networking
  • page And for a limited time, we will teach you and your whole inner circle to do all this FREE * * Register with just your name and email address to get your invitation. No credit card!
  • page And if youre not in real estate, our lesson plan is easy to apply to your local business. Youre invited to register, too.
  • page Be the first in your community to build your Social Network Referral System. You will dominate! Email your friends and ask them to join you * http: //DomusConsultingGroup .com/register
  • page Registration Contact Thank you. http: //DomusConsultingGroup .com/register PKitano (at) (415) 320-2844 Patrick Kitano Domus Consulting Group