Why Your Social Networking is Not Working

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Lisa Trosien's social media presentation, made to the National Apartment Association's Student Housing Conference, 2010, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Text of Why Your Social Networking is Not Working

  • Why Your Social Networking is Not Working Presented by Lisa Trosien
  • Disclaimer! A third party was hired to research the properties and companies shown in this presentation.
  • Disclaimer! No propertys or companys identity will be obscured, covered, hidden, changed or altered. You put it out thereits publicso it might be up here.
  • College students spend more time on the Internet than any other media 33% spend more than 10 hours a week online 19.6% spend more than 20 hours a week online So why is our industrys social media interaction so weak??
  • 50.6% surf the web while watching TV. 43.5% are online while listening to terrestrial/satellite radio. Instant messaging is the most popular online activity with both male (62.3%) and female (57.2%) college students.
  • Start by listening
  • Social media can't succeed without a genuine focus on your customers. Social media is about listening, engaging, and responding to your customers. If you are not truly focused on your customer, you will not succeed -- period. -imediaconnection.com
  • Social Media Integration
  • Management Company Site
  • Important Tip: Always have your exterior links open in a separate browser window!
  • Does this page violate TOS?
  • Takeaways: Use integration Make sure integrated site is live Open integrated site in separate browser window Create strong integrated content
  • Is there a class divide online? Research suggests yes.
  • People in more affluent demographics are 25 percent more likely to be found friending on Facebook, while the less affluent are 37 percent more likely to connect on MySpace.
  • 400+ million users 2nd most trafficked site 1st most trafficked social site 50%+ outside of college Average user: 55 minutes a day MultihousingWorld September 2008 Online Communities 22 Source: http://www.facebook.com
  • MySpace users tend to be "in middle-class, blue-collar neighborhoods, Mike Mancini, Vice President, Data Product Management, Nielsen
  • Takeaways: Dont simply broadcast Fan pages that are of interest to your residents Work itdont let it just sit there Dont violate TOS
  • Takeaways: Dont simply broadcast Build your follower base with relevant follows Work itdont let it just sit there Send out high value Tweets Customize your background
  • Blogging
  • Blogging drives traffic
  • Place Properties Blog Syndicated to their property pages RSS feed to their Facebook pages
  • Takeaways: Make your content engaging Allow comments Hire students to blog for you Remember, blogging helps SEO
  • Responding to the Rating Sites
  • Please, dont write your own reviews
  • Takeaways: Read your reviews Dont take it personally Respond professionally Set up your accounts Ask for the review
  • Takeaways: Set up your account Set up albums of events and more Tags are very important Use your photos and videos!
  • Final thoughts
  • Top Sites by Gender Men 1. Facebook 2. ESPN 3. YouTube 4. Google 5. Collegehumor 6. Yahoo 7. Weather 8. Break 9. Digg 10. Wikipedia
  • Top Sites by Gender Women 1. Facebook 2. YouTube 3. Google 4. Perez Hilton 5. CNN 6. MySpace 7. Yahoo 8. Schools site 9. AOL 10. PostSecret
  • Virtually Untapped Social Market
  • Website: www.ApartmentExpert.com Email: Lisa@ApartmentExpert.com Twitter: @LisaTrosien Linkedin.com/LisaTrosien Blog:ApartmentMarketingBlog.com