10 things not to say in job interview

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10 Things Not To Say In Job Interview

1. Sorry, I Am Late!Firstly, do not reach late for the interview. If you do, do not let your interviewer get to know about it. 'Sorry I am late' is the worst sentence you can begin your interview with, as it goes without saying that punctuality is the key. Do not give a bad image of yourself by saying this and letting him/her know.

2. Do Not LieDo not lie about anything as if you get caught you are left nowhere. Even if you do not get caught the very moment, it may backfire in the future. So always try to be honest in everything you are being asked.

3. I Hate My Ex-BossNever make the mistake of saying anything bad about your ex-colleagues or ex-boss or your job. It gives a poor image of you and you look like a complainer. You can always talk about the challenges you faced but the focus should be on the positive aspects of it.

4. What I Like About YouNo matter how much you like the interviewers watch, shirt, glasses or whatever, never start complimenting him/her on the first go. It looks like you are flattering them in order to get the job. Do not make the situation awkward and avoid complimenting him/her.

5. Do Not ThreatenWhen asked the question 'where do you see yourself in the next five years?' do not answer by saying working in the same company at your position. Do not threaten the interviewer on his position. Just say I want to see myself growing and learning a lot from the experience I will gain from this job which will help me reach higher in future.

6. I Don't Have Any QuestionsWhen the interviewer asks you if you have any questions, do not reply with 'no I don't'. Always make sure you clarify all the doubts you have by asking. Do not keep questions in your head and stay quiet. Try and make the interview interactive and not one-sided.

7. I Want A Job... Any JobDo not show your desperation for a job. Relate your interests and your strengths with the job profile you are applying for. Tell them what makes you interested for the job. Do not make them feel that you applied for the profile only because that's what you were getting.

8. My Weakness Is...On being asked your weaknesses, do not start telling them a list of your weaknesses. Tell them about one weakness which is not related to the job and twist it in such a way that it turns out to be your strength. Tell them about a weakness and let them know how you worked on it and now it's no more a weakness.

9. Do Not Ask Unreasonable QuestionsJust in order to make the interview interactive, do not start asking unreasonable questions like what perks will you get? How often do you guys give promotions? How much will be my salary? How much vacation time do I get? These questions are not supposed to be put up so early. Give a break to your level of curiosity.

10. I Want To Start My Own Business SoonDo not make the mistake of being frank as well. Do not share all your plans with the interviewer. Do not start telling them everything when you come in the flow of talking. Make sure you tell them what they want to hear. Tell them you want to gain experience but not why you want to gain experience. Keep a control on your tongue!