History Infographic (June 2017)

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  1. 1. NRL is launched by Andrew Redmayne and brother Hugh Redmayne, delivering NDT services from an ofce on the Sellaeld site. They are soon joined by Phil Jennings and Stephen Murphy. 1983: NRL is founded NRL opens its Egremont ofce and begins providing workers to the Sellaeld site. This long-standing relationship remains strong to this day. 1984: Recruitment begins NRL grows its presence in the North-East by opening an ofce in Washington, currently led by Gillian Gomersall who also joins the company this year. 1990: North-East expansion Current Director Donald Livingston joins NRL as part of a team in the companys newly launched Falkirk ofce. 1991: Scotland-bound Paul Murphy joins the NRL team in Egremont, providing IT services to the company. Paul has enjoyed a long career at NRL and is currently the Groups IT Director. 1993: Paul Murphy joins NRL Jim Taylor joins the recruitment side of the business before taking control of the Rail division and becoming a Director of the company later on. 1994: Jim Taylor joins NRL Interested in working with us? Visit our Contact NRL page to see how you can get in touch. OUR STORY From where we rst began, to where we are now. A brief overview of NRLs history over the last 30 years. 1997: Wigan ofce opens NRL wins a contract to provide workers to British Nuclear Fuels Limited on the Sellaeld site. 1999: BNFL contract NRL ofcially commences its rail maintenance service, delivering grinding, signalling and ultrasonic inspections. The division is led by Director Jim Taylor. 2001: Rail division launched The company proves its commitment to providing an exceptional recruitment service by being welcomed as a member of the Association of Professional Stafng Companies. 2011: APSCo Membership To expand its reach and appeal, NRL launches its Rail Training division which is located at the Wigan branch. The team provides a variety of accredited training courses, including Personal Track Safety, Emergency First Aid and Manual Handling. The company also continues to grow in Scotland by opening a new branch in Glasgow. 2012: Training Division NRL expands its list of accreditations by gaining ECIA Membership and is one of the rst recruitment companies to do so. 2008: ECIA Membership NRL is rebranded and launches a new website. The company also acquires Petrolic Consultants Limited, with ofces established in Guildford and Cairo. NRL also opens a site ofce in Drax this year. 2013: Going international NRL makes new additions to its board of Directors by bringing on board Ben Humpage who joins as CFO and Will Fossey who joins as International Development Director. In addition, the company also launches its International division with the addition of a branch in the UAE. The company tops off the year by earning a host of awards and accreditations, including APSCo Recruitment Company of the Year (>50m turnover), a placement in the LSEs 1,000 Companies to Inspire Britain, and a listing in the Sunday Times Top Track 250. Finally, the company launched a benets scheme to support employees with healthcare plans, childcare vouchers and more. 2015: New Directors, division and awards Petrolic is given a full rebrand in order to align it more closely with NRL. This includes a complete makeover of all promotional materials, logos, the Petrolic website and more. David Redmayne is also promoted and becomes a Director of NRL. 2014: Petrolic rebranded The company continues to expand its presence in the North by opening a new ofce in Wigan. Greg Compton also joins the team and goes on to become a Director at NRL in 2014. This year, NRL was named as one of the LSEs 1000 Companies to Inspire Britain for the second year running, a feat which was shared by NRLs newly promoted Director Rebecca Graves live on BBC Radio Cumbria. The Petrolic business changed its name to NRL, in order to integrate fully into the group and function as a single unit and the Group completed the sale of the Simplyco business to Paystream as part of its strategy to focus on core markets. The former Petrolic team moved into new NRL branded ofces in Woking and the company expanded even further by opening a training centre in Barnsley to support our Rail operations. And the year ended with a bang as the NRL Group held its inaugural Christmas Conference to celebrate the hard work and dedication shown by its employees throughout the year. 2001: NRL becomes part of the National Grid supplier framework. 2014 turnover - 172m 2016: From strength to strength