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HR BUSINESS PARTNER By, Jayasiri pathiraje

The HR as Business Partner Model adds value to a firm through strategic execution, administrative efficiency, employee commitment and cultural change. HR Business Partner model can be illustrated as below.

HR business Partner can be also viewed as equation as belowBusiness Partner = Strategic Partner + Administrative Expert+ Employee champion + change agentStrategic Partners are business Partners because they align HR System with business strategies and set HR Priorities for a Business entity. Administrative Experts are the business partners because they save business money through efficient design and delivery of HR Systems. Employee champions are business partners because they ensure that employee contributions to the business remains high, in terms of both employee commitment and competence, also the change agents are business partners because they help business through transformations and to adopt to changing business conditions The below given survey, is most suit for the corporate HR and it will help to identify the HR service quality current situation at an organization (as pro Ulrich). This survey was introduced by pr. Ulrich and fully cover with business partner model.

HR Role ServicesCurrent Quality (1-5)

HR Helps The Organization .

1Accomplish business goals

2Improve operational efficiency

3Take care of employees personnel needs

4Adapt to change

HR Participates in

5The process of defining business strategies

6Delivering HR Process

7Improving Employee commitment

8Shaping culture change for renewal &transformation

HR make sure that

9HR strategies aligned are aligned with business strategies

10HR Process are efficiently administrated

11HR Policies and programs responds to the personal needs of employee

12HR Process and programs increases the organizations ability to change

HR efficiencies is measure by its ability to

13Help make strategy happen

14Efficiency deliver HR Process

15Help employees meet personal needs

16Help an organization anticipate needs

HR is Seen as .

17A Business Partner

18A Administrative expert

19A champion for employees

20A Change agent

HR Spends time on .

21Strategic issues

22Operational Issues

23Listing and responding to employees

24Supporting new behaviors for keeping the firm competitive

HR Is an Active Partner in

25Business Planning

26Designing and responding HR Process

27Listing and responding to employees

28Organizational renewal, change or transformation

HR Works to

29Align HR Strategies and Business Strategies

30Monitor Administrative Process

31Offer Assistance to Help employees meet family and personal needs

32Reshape behaviors for organizational change

HR Develops process and programs to

33Link HR Strategies to accomplish business strategies

34Efficiency process documents and transactions

35Take care of the employee personal needs

36Help the organization transform itself

HRs Credibility comes from

37Helping to fulfill strategic goals

38Increasing Productivity

39Helping employees meet their personal needs

40Making changed Happened

Strategic PartnerAdministrative expertEmployee championChange Agent

Question Score Question Score Question Score Question Score












Grand Total =.Using the Assessments in the above illustrated complete the below work sheet. Put your number next to the number for each question, then add the total for each of the roles.

If the grand total is higher than the 160, that means, High quality HR Services are delivered or the grand total less than the 90 that means the low quality HR Service are delivered

ByJayasiri PathirajeHR Practitioner Hdip in HRMPQHRM IPM SLPgD in Labor Relation & HRM- University of Colombo jp.pathiraje@gmail.com076 6953718