Recruitment process outsourcing (rpo)

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  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

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  • What RPO is all about?

    Major roles under RPO Resource searching Resume screening Job posting Vacancy monitoring Resume marketing Resume processing What all resources are used? Internal company databank Skilled recruiters Job boards Technical knowledge Domain knowledge References from employees

  • Scenario

    In present time, recruitment and management of human power has completely changed. Where earlier employer used to have their own highly active in-house human resource department to handle hiring and other job issues. Though this process cost a lot to a company.

    Whereas, these days the entire handling has been given to Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) companies. This way it does saves a big chunk of hiring and management cost and do saves a lot of time. As, the RPO is working day and night and finding the right fit for the right position in particular organization.

  • Along with the above mentioned roles and resources that RPO skims, it also actively involves in the below mentioned areas:

    Candidate research

    Compliance tracking

    Document verification

    Reporting and audits

    Complete process mapping

    Third party vendor management

    Hiring manager training

    Technology consulting

  • RPO providers involves in more than X and Y for a company. I invest lots of my free time going through journals and

    articles to know more about the recruitment processing and try to find the simplified way for the same. Human Resources Management sounds an interesting field to me out of my other job roles. So, I am very much involved in resourcing and reading on its updates on day to day basis.

    I invite people to comment on the recent techniques to simply this cumbersome process of finding the right fit for the right job.

    There is a lot that RPO should include along with their recruitment process to save and improve the process.