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Sourcing as a Strategy - People Sourcing Crew - Amsterdam

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People Sourcing CrewLet us find your talent

Sourcing as a StrategyTalent Leaders Connect 05-11-2015 Amsterdamby Gordon Lokenberg

People Sourcing Crewfounded in 2012 - because its fun

1st office in 2014 - because its fun

12 employees in 2015 - because its great!

What is sourcingfind people who are capable of doing what you want them to do and their contact details

next step: RECRUIT them

Coooooooolest job in the world

And more many moreSound Engineer, PHP developer, Android developer, Web developer, IOS developer, Backend Python Developer, Talend engineer, Software Architect, System Administrator, Account manager, Regional manager, Country manager in a.o. Telecom / Retail / Software, Augmented Reality Strategist, Content Curator, Email Marketing Specialist, Online Marketeer, Web Analytics consultant, HR Director, Payroll specialist, Compensation & Benefits expert, Recruiter, Facility manager, Tax manager, Piping engineer, plc programmers, SHEQ manager, mechanical engineer, Process technologist, SHEQ manager offshore

The web is massive!Google says that the web now has 30 trillion unique individual pages (2013)

Our Rolodex45% of the world is connected -

indexed web contains > 4.6 billion pages

75% in Europe is online, 89% in US

The skills and tricks, the in|pub piping engineer -dir -jobs

inurl:employees|team|about us develop -jobs -vacancy

Your new CFO?

"*, cfo says"

Our clientsquick list to make hiring manager happy?!

continuous delivery, our recruiters dont have the skills nor time and we need a lot!

we like to recruit these people in the Nordics, do there exist that many?

Sourcing is the other channelrecruiters select the best applicants vssourcers select the bestthanawesome recruiters reel m in

Build your Sourcing Team leads in Recruitment

leads in Sales

leads in Marketing

Contact our Crew Members

sourcing | recruitment | trainingWorld wide+31 20 36 36