Beat the heat this summer with 220 volts fans

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In order to tackle the soaring temperature during the summers, you need to have high-quality fans in your homes and offices. The ideal way to conserve energy and to have the maximum utility is to opt for 220 Volts Fans. You can have a variety of 220 volts fan as per the requirement of your personal room or workplace. Read on to know about them.

Stand Fans

A standing fan is specifically designed to cool your rooms and the environment. You can them get in various designs and colors. It has an electrical motor that is connected to a rotor, which begins to rotate when it is plugged on.

Ceiling Fans

One of the most common types of fans used worldwide, a ceiling fan has a long rod. The rod is used to connect the motor of the fan with the base that is connected to the ceiling. The type of fan is more suitable for warmer climate areas and relatively bigger rooms.

Wall Fans

Unlike the ceiling fan, a wall fan is mounted on the wall. It is a perfect alternative if the room doesnt have enough space for a ceiling fan. The fan is smaller in size and can be rotatable.

Tower Fans

Tower fans are small portable fans, providing the basic functionalities of fans like improving the air circulation and cool air inside the room. They can come with multiple features like settings, different modes, a remote control and a timer option. They are easy on budgets and can be carried easily as well.

Table Fans

Table fans make for an inexpensive way to provide enough cooling for a relatively smaller area. They are available in different styles and colors, with the ability to be easily carried from one place to another.

Outdoor Fans

Sitting on your porches and terrace make for a relaxing experience. An outdoor fan can make this experience even better. They are durable and present a classy look.

Clip Fans

The small sized clip fans are very useful for both to be carried at work or to be used at home. They provide a lot of cooling power and convenience for the carrier. They are battery charged and can be used anywhere.

Box Fans

Box fans can be used both indoors and in industries. The ones that are used indoors are smaller in size and are designed to cover a small area. However, the industrial box fans are much bigger and require more power to operate.

You can get the various types of 220 Volts Fans from and beat the heat of summer with their amazing cooling power. Apart from fans, have different 220 Volts Home Appliances that you can get to do your routine chores while conserving the energy in the most efficient way. From small portable items like irons and electric tooth brush to large ceiling fans and heaters, all the 220 Volts Home Appliances you can easily get from as they are the largest distributers in household Electronic goods market.


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