BUY SeamarkZM ZM-R6200 BGA Rework Station

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We are the largest distributor of BGA rework station in India and offering SeamarkZM ZM-R6200 BGA machine at very good price.


  • 1. BUY SeamarkZM ZM-R6200 BGARework StationCall Us: 08826716660Email Us : Sales@chipspare.comVD INTELLISYS TECHNOLOGIES PVT. LTDThe largest Distributor Of BGA Rework Station

2. ZM-R6200 BGA Machine 3. SeamarkZM ZM-R6200 FeaturesWhen the PCB has pros and cons of the same locationBGA chip, a special heating method can be used forquick demolition welding, while ensuring that both sidesof PCB board temperature at 30 degrees difference, theother side will not damage the BGA chips. 3 Independent Control Heaters Precise optical alignment system Multi-function operation sys Superior safety functions 4. Technical SpecificationsPCB size2020mm~450400mmPCB thickness0.5mm~5mmBGA size11mm~7070mm 5.


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