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    We have been banging our environmentally-friendly embalming fluid drum for some time now and it is interesting to see where enquiries come from and why. Although we are a British company, we ship globally and are happy to speak to potential clients or distributors wherever they may be. We have recently had enquiries from Canada, New Zealand and the United States as well as from here in the UK. Talking to these new customers, we are hearing a variety of opinions. Some feel that the industry as a whole is starting to shift towards a more environment-aware stance, with funeral directors seeking to reduce the impact of their work on the natural world. Others are talking about a shift from the customers themselves, who having been green in life wish to be green in death too. There is also a group of embalmers who just want to do things differently. We know that some funeral professionals are more innovative than others; after all, there is plenty of scope to be even just a little alternative within the industry. This difference comes from a variety of standpoints: an understanding of the changing attitudes of the pubic; a desire to find a niche in the local professional landscape; a concern for embalmers own health and, in many cases, just an unusual way of thinking.

    These new clients arent part of a geographical or professional movement so much as symptomatic of a fundamental shift in attitudes. We dont need to undertake risky procedures when there are safe alternatives. We dont need to pollute the earth and the rivers. We dont need to force clients to fit in with our own notions of normal. What we all need to do (in every aspect of our lives) is to keep listening, keep learning and keep trying new things. The worst that could happen is that we end up doing things differently and better. If you would like to order a trial pack, just contact us on or via our website

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