Painful Sales Truths

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painful sales truths

- sales hacker STL april 2015 -

aaron air ross / @motoceo

#1 award-winningbestseller

called The Sales Bible Of Silicon Valleythe hot coals ross$100m @

father of 5+2

20-30 hour workweek

crushed both $1m & $100m+ sales goals created $1b predictable sales machinesdeveloped amazing talent

with these ideas, companies havepainful truth:when salespeople fail, its your fault, not theirs

1At the point of death. (of a thing) In terminal decline; lacking vitality or vigor8

sales team churn of >10%?regularly missed sales goals?

whats it take to scale a team?

how much is it the people vs. your systems?2painful truth:getting more leads isnt your main problemAt the point of death. (of a thing) In terminal decline; lacking vitality or vigor12_______ provides professional consulting services to develop and support online business solutions. From startup to Fortune 500 companies, _________ assists clients to maximize their return on investment in the Cloud by providing implementation, development, and value-added software solutions.speaking to everyone = no one can hearShopping mall story 13

confusion => no!but they say: latermaybei dont knowsend me more information

what do customers want?people dont care what you do...

they care about what you can do for themIm a sales coachWe help companies triple19improve your messaging TODAYhow do you help customers?so what?whats so great about that? (WSGAT)nail your niche to get richpopular point of pain (need, not want)tangible resultsbelievable solutionidentifiable targetsunique genius

painful truth:you have to assume build it and theyll come is a fairy tale3At the point of death. (of a thing) In terminal decline; lacking vitality or vigor22even with a perfect sales process or big sales team, if your leadgen is crummy, youll strugglewith great leads, you can get everything else wrong & still do welldetails on the 3 types of leadsleadgen is your big leverShopping mall story 23

3 types of leads

Whats different for each: ICP, leadgen process, response process, funnels & metrics27

seeds: turn your funnel into an hourglass

example customer success triggerscontract datasupport interactionsbilling / payment historyproduct and feature usage marketing engagementsurvey feedbacksponsor changes

three SaaS customer success metrics15%


$2M#1 customer success tip invest bigger, faster!

customer success is 5x sales- co-author jason lemkin

nets: example marketing funnel

Some favorite marketing tacticsvp marketing needs a Lead Commit#1 metric: Pipeline Velocity Ratemake it personal

free details:

ps you sound like everyone else is your marketing personality more like:spocka clowna windbag


make it personal A/B test

20 signups vs 60 signups36

spears: example outbound funnelOrange whether you have marketing team or do it yourselfGreen prosepctingYellow - closing37 pros & conspro: can drive very predictable, fast growthpro: get into bigger companiespro: source bigger deals (3x-10x inbound)pro: perfect complement to inbound marketingcon: not for everyone

hey tell this to my boss39sales email failstoo longconfusingflexible truthboringvague calls to action

sales email fails

chant this mantra:

simple to understand, easy to answerwhat outsourcing isnthey tell this to my boss43

outsourcing - realityfor smaller companiesa replacement

for fast growth companiesan acceleratora complement

outsourcing CAN work (done right)

akaCarb.iopainful truth: your pipeline is an illusion 4At the point of death. (of a thing) In terminal decline; lacking vitality or vigor47lots of opportunitymomentummay help you beat goals

whats great about a busy pipeline?

busyness feels productive (even if it isnt)avoid realitycustomers get worse service

whats wrong with a busy pipeline?its another reason to specializeAt the point of death. (of a thing) In terminal decline; lacking vitality or vigor51specialization = focus

Need to chunk your time at least 2 hours for prospecting53challenge:

brutal honesty can be hard

At the point of death. (of a thing) In terminal decline; lacking vitality or vigor54how often do you hear a clear no?latermaybe were going to consider it / let me get back to youyescan you send me more materials

people want approvalembarrassment of not knowingthe truth can lead to failure, burst bubbles & rejection

why people can fear truththe problemwithout a (brutally) honest pipeline, you have a lot of maybeuncertainty => anxiety / desperationthe problem part 2anxiety / desperation => people cling to anything with an imagined heartbeathappens in love too

practice getting to difficult truths!At the point of death. (of a thing) In terminal decline; lacking vitality or vigor59your job (as rep or manager)1) find out the TRUTH / why

2) help them move on or outassuming noyes means yesassume anything else (later / maybe / consider it) means no / not interestedCan you find out why?not a fit / they dont see the value / truly not the right time / dont have the right person?make truth easierno guilt by managers to repsby reps to prospectslower hurdles to honesty with easy outsask hard questions in friendly ways non-threatening, curiouschallenging them => defensiveness

helpful, not challenging* do you have buy-in yet from the CEO?

* where are you in your decision?


* what would it take to get this done by month-end?curious, not challenging* is this a priority?


* what else is more important right now?

* on a scale of 1-10, how important is it to get done, or done by ____? investigative, not challenging* whos the decision maker?


* who else is typically involved in deciding & budgeting something like this?give them easy outs (friendly challenge)aka break up emails

ill assume this isnt the right time [of interest | a priority | a good fit], unless I hear otherwise

hard questionsjust do it & ask when you need tobetter to blurt than do nothing

dont turn it into a big deal Desperation vs. Information like asking for directions, or about the weather

learn to see truth(especially painful truth) as deliciousthe best part about the painful truth(whether in love or money)

you know one way or the other,can move outta denial &see clearly what needs to happen next

sales challenges: how much is it the people vs. you?whats really causing high sales team attrition, missed goals? nail a niche to get richspecialize your peopleseeds: more customer success investmentnets: marketing needs a Lead Commitspears: product companies who have any $20k+ customers should be doing outboundpractice getting to the painful truthSo in rough order...



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