Preparations that you need to consider when selling your house

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<ol><li> 1. Preparations that you need to consider when selling your house No matter how many times youve sold a house, there are things you need to think about before listing your home for sale. Many first time sellers might think that its just a literal buy-and-sell process when in fact, even just the preparation takes a lot more than that. A realtor who would say that selling houses is a fun-filled job is actually not being honest. Selling houses is a tiresome and demanding undertaking. These sentiment can, however, be minimized with proper preparations and a well-constructed process. So before you sell your house, take into account these items that are crucially important in making proper selling and marketing decisions. Do not neglect the importance of hiring a great Realtor. One of the most disregarded step when listing properties for sale is the vital role of Realtors. You must be on that same misconception that all Realtors are the same. I tell you, they are not. You have to be picky though, and set higher standards when hiring someone to sell your home. Agents have different skill sets and service qualities. For you to be able to hire the great one, know how to interview a Realtor. While there is no 100% assurance that you will get the best, asking the right questions and knowing the right answers will surely get you a good one. Prepare the information, documents and do the paperwork Know that a good Realtor can specifically identify which information of the house are vital to the selling process. Specific particulars about the home and any updates should be make known to the Realtor for him to be able to write compelling ads, attract potential buyers and creatively market it online and offline. Some examples of the kind of information and documents you should gather when selling your home: All included furnace, appliances and all instruction manuals Roof age and warranties Any warranty paperwork Dates and clear information of any home renovation and improvements projects Certificate of compliance or permits that apply like fence permits, shed permits. </li><li> 2. Mortgage concerns or pay-off balances Inasmuch as you dont like to discourage potential buyers, you will also need to do a complete disclosure of any flaws your home has or natural hazards like flood zone. Knowing when it is right to sell your home can make a difference. Be aware that real estate market trends vary depending on where market you are. It has its good times and bad times of when to sell. If there is no urgency in your part to sell then you can do your research and discuss the timing to your Realtor. It is ideal that you choose to sell your home at the time that is convenient to your individual situation. You can likely sell your home in winter, but in most cases, springs seasons yields better deals. But you might find it interesting that there are actually several reasons why selling homes in winter and fall might be better than waiting until spring. List down the pros and cons of important seasons of the year in your location. A good Realtor will be able to help you with that. Pre-listing home inspection is a bright idea Now not all sellers or Realtors realize how pre-listing home inspection is actually a good idea. It doesnt matter whether your buyer is buying his first or tenth home, its to be expected that they will make their offer subject to the results of home inspection. Remember that a good inspector will find even the smallest issues in your home. If they didnt find any, then probably you hired an inexperienced inspector. Pre-listing inspection should provide you with a detailed report of any issues found within all parts of the house and also some pictures relating to important notes in the report. By doing this, you will be able to classify what you can still set right, restore or just ignore. A few features of the house that a buyer will typically make inspections and from which he will make his offer contingent upon are: Chimney Septic Tanks Well Water Radon Roofs Pest Preparing the unit for the first impression You home is not a commodity that you can easily display for sale in the market. It may need a little bit of manicure, make over or fix up. Your great Realtor will examine several things before putting your home up for sale. Through a walk-through, he should be able to pinpoint which items from home should be corrected to increase its value and attract potential buyers cleaning, painting, a little redesigning maybe or de-cluttering. These are just low cost preparations that you need to make to get that good first impression. It is the crucial part in selling a home. So, take time to prepare your home and you will never regret it. Decide right from the beginning whether to offer home warranty or not It can be a great idea to offer home warranty for some sellers while there are others who dont see much worth from it. </li><li> 3. You can consider it a nice bonus to the buyer and a good marketing tool too for the Realtor to use. Before listing your home for sale, decide if you are willing to give your buyer the home warranty or not. Ask you Realtors opinion on whether the cost of the warranty is worth it or not. Preparing your home for regular showings Yes, just regularly having your house ready for a lot of surprise visits can be stressful and already a job itself but certainly you want to make your house appealing to the buyers. You wouldnt want to turn them off by showing dirty clothes on the bedroom floor, dirty pans and plates on the sink. Buyers would either be abstracted or disgusted and it will cause them not to bother going back there. You may think that dirty clothes and pots are not included in the package, but the overall view or image of the house will greatly affect buyers decision. Asses the value of open houses to your marketing strategy This has always been a controversial matter in the real estate business. There are agents who will promise that open houses will certainly repay all the efforts made while some will say that its a complete waste of time and money. Still, the decision lies with the homeowner. Clearly, there are potential drawbacks in open houses. While there is a slight likelihood that your home will sell in an open house, you must first decide whether you are open to the idea of displaying the house for public showing. Ask your agents opinion about this and know from him the pros and cons of open houses, it usually depends on a number of factors that your agent should be aware about. Smart preparation is always the key The ideas above are just a few important points a seller should be preparing and thinking about before selling a house. Again, it isnt always a cakewalk but to minimize hassles and delays, its better to be fully aware and prepared. Avoid the hustle and know the importance of these things first to make the right decisions that make the difference in your home selling experience. *Image courtesy of hyena reality from Free Digital Photos </li></ol>