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To Sharpen The Skills & Abilities In Selling For Participants In Order To Sell Better & Improve Professionalism.ObjectivesTo Stand Out From The Crowd

* Contents Of Selling Skills Training :Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Part V

General Terms.

Buying Behavior (Decision) & Types Of Customers.

Types Of Doctors.

Steps Of Selling Process (Steps Of Call).

Cross Selling.

Part I : General Terms

Marketing is a Process of Planning, Executing, Conception, Pricing, Promotion & Distributing Any PRODUCT to Create an Exchange That Satisfy Individual & Organizational Goals.Productis a Priced Item or Service Which Introduce a Value to The Customer.

SellingMarketing* Selling is Only The Tip Of Marketing Iceberg *Marketing Aim to make selling superfluous,Right Marketing Aim To Understand Customer,So a Product That Fits His Needs & it Will Sell itself.Marketing Should Result in A Customer Who is Ready To BUY.By Peter DuckerSelling is The Process of Assisting & Persuading a Prospective Customer to Buy a Product or a Service.(Uncovering Needs Of The Customer)

Need : You Cant Survive Without it.- Need For Food, Air & WaterWant :You Can Survive Without it. I Want to Have a Fashionable Car. Also I Want FalafelDemand :When You Want a specific PD & You are Able to Pay For.- I Want to Have a BMW I Can Pay For.NegativeCustomer DislikePD. DemandNon-ExistCustomerUnawareOf the PD& Its Benefits.DecliningCustomerBuy PDLess FrequentOrNot at all.IrregularCustomerPurchaseVary on aSeasonal,MonthlyBasis.FullCustomer Buy All PD.OverfullCustomer BuyPD More ThanWhat Can Be Satisfied.

The Shape & Characteristics Of A Product That May DescribeThat Product Physically Or Describe Its Contents.

Features Of A Product Should Focus On The Most Valuable Properties Of That Product (Strengths).

* 100 mg is The Conc Of AC in Product XYZ *Feature

Actual Factor That Satisfies Certain Need Or Want Of A Customer & Originated By Certain Feature.

Linking A Feature To A Benefit Leads To Successful Selling Process, While Selling Only Benefits Is Almost Ineffective.BenefitBenefit = Need

Feature * Benefit Selling

Monurol One Sachet, One Dose & Once.Monurol The Most Convenient AB.

Bio-Biloba 100 mg Conc Of G.Biloba.Bio-Biloba Once At Morning No Insomnia.

12 MP Camera Capture Your Memories.128 & 256 GB Storage Keep These Memories.128 & 256 GB Storage Your Favorite Music.New Wireless Ear pods Convenient Listening.Finger Print Sensor Secured & Private.

* Unique Selling Point *A Factor Presented By Seller As A Reason That A Product Is Different & Better Than Another Competitor.

Or A Reason That Makes A Product Is Unique & Almost Has No CompetitorsUSPMonurol - New Molecule (Fosfomycin).- Most Convenient As AB For LUTIs.Bio-Marin - Triglycerides (Higher Absorption).- Highest Conc Of EPA & DHA.

A Factor Or Circumstance That Induces A Person To Act in A Certain Way Or Do A Certain Action In Order To Satisfy A Need.

* The Goals Behind Your Actions *Motive

The Need To See Positive Results & To Avoid Failure.

* Reaching Your Goals After Hard Work *Achievements

The Need To Be Associated With Other (To Help Others).


The Need To Prevail Over Others.

The Need To Control Or Command Over Others.


4 PsSWOTMaslow

4 Ps Of Marketing

SWOT Analysis

MASLOW Hierarchy Of Needs

Part II : Buying Behaviors & Types Of CustomersThe Total Of Consumer's Attitudes, Preferences, Intentions, and Decisions Regarding The Consumer's Behavior When Purchasing A Product Or Service. This Study Of Consumer Behavior Draws Upon Social Science Anthropology, Psychology & Economics.

Buying Behavior

Why Do You Buy ?* Need :Physical : Essential For Survival (Food, Drink, Sleep & etc.)Social (Emotional) : Security, Belonging & Love.

* Want :It Reflects The Way That A Customer Wants To Satisfy His Needs. ( When You Are Hungry YOU NEED FOOD But YOU WANT KFC )

* Benefits Introduced :Customers Buy Benefits Not Just A Product.

* Ability To Pay :If A Customer Has No Ability To Pay For Your Product So This Is Not A Customer.

Post-Purchase Evaluation

Purchase Decision

Evaluation Of Alternatives

Buying Decision Process

How Do You Buy ?Collecting Information

Problem RecognitionNeed & WantFriends & FamilyPrevious BuyersAbilityWeb & Social MediaMarketing MaterialsBrand LoyalBenefits VS PriceMethodCommitmentWarrantyServices

Type Of FactorExamplesSocial & Cultural Factors.Family & Friends.Roles.Believes.Economic & Political Factors.Psychological Factors.Motivation.Perception.Learning.Memory.Personal Factors.Age & Stage in Life Cycle.Economic Circumstances.Lifestyle.Personality.Factors Of Marketing Mix.(4 Ps)Product.Price.Place.Promotion.

Factors Affecting Buying Behavior

Customers Are Classified According To Many Factors . Like !Personal AttitudeShopping HabitsRetail CustomersPsychological

Doctors, Pharmacist, Patient, Consumer, Client, Buyer, PurchaserIs A Person Or An Organization That Uses The Product Or Service Provided By A Seller, Supplier Or Vendor.Customer

Customer TypeCharacteristicsHandling (How To Deal)Aggressive Or ToughEgoistic.Impatient.Harsh.Listen & Allow Him To Talk.Express Your Points As Suggestions.Be Courteous But Firm.Uncertain Or SkepticalNon Demanding.Indecisive & UnsureEvasive.Seeks Assurance.Maintain Eye Contact.Break Barriers.Listen & Ask Right Questions.Irate Or AngryImpatient.Argues.Doesnt Listen.Be Assertive (Control) Not Angry.Jump To The Point.Explain With Calm & Clear Voice.No Hollow Promises.Business LikeJump To The Point.Avoid Procrastination.Go On & Do Not Waste Time.KnowledgeableDemanding.Has Good Knowledge.Satisfy His Desire For Detailing.Never Fooling Him.FriendlyTalkative.Warm & Good NaturedRespond To Hospitality.Keep On Business Track.

Customers(Attitude & Mindset)

Customer TypeCharacteristicsHandling (How To Deal)The DirectorDemanding.Knows What He Wants.Cares Only About His Own Interest.Speak With Numbers, Short & To The Point.Flatter His Style & Knowledge.Never Tell Him That He Is Wrong.Make Suggestions Without Determining Any Facts.The AnalyticalLikes Numbers & Facts.Analyzes All Options.Probably Know Your Product & Competitors Better Than You.Show Him Numbers & Send Him Email Material.Do Your Home Work.Dont Try To Convince Him With Facts Without Numbers.Ask A lot Of Questions.The Relater(The Story Teller)Wants To Be A Part Of A Group.Always Knows Some One (Has A lot Of Connections).Share The Process With Him.Ask Him What Do You Think ?Ask Him To Use His Connections To Help You Have A Vacation . Etc.

Customers ( Behavior )

Customer TypeCharacteristicsHandling (How To Deal)Brand Loyal CustomersShop & Purchase For Certain Brand.Should Be Updated About Any New Product Launched.Having >60% From Loyal Customer. Discount CustomersShop & Purchase For Discounts & Offers.Help To Have Our Stocks Cleared Or Liquidated.Spread The Word Out In The Market Showing Their Money Saving Skills.Impulse CustomersShop & Purchase Upon Being ImpressedDecide To Buy Just In A Moment Because The Product Has Impressed Him.Can Be Converted To Loyal Customer.Emotional CustomersSocial & Talkative.More Loyal To Persons.Deal Friendly But In The Business Track.Need Based CustomersShop & Purchase According To A Plan Of Requirements.Know Exactly What They NeedWell Trained Sales Men.You May Lose Such A Customer If His Need Not Being Satisfied.No Hollow Promises.

Retail Customers(Shopping Habits)


Who Is Your CustomerAngryFriendlyAnalyticalSocialToughSkepticalKnowledgeableLoyalNeed BasedBusiness LikeDirectorAggressiveEmotionalYou Must Identify Your Customer Type.

Part III : Types Of DoctorsDepending On Mix Of 3 Factors

Achievement & Power + ve

Achievement & Power - veAffiliation + veAffiliation - veHigh Achievements.High Power.Low Affiliation.

Resistant / Defensive DoctorHigh Achievements.High Power.High Affiliation.

SolutionDoctorLow Achievements.Low Power.Low Affiliation.

Pass The BuckDoctorLow Achievements.Low Power.High Affiliation.


Resistant / Defensive DoctorMotivesDescriptionHow To DealHigh Achievement.Hifi Personality.Dominates Discussions.Wants Maximum Value In Returns.Time Is Valuable.Almost Director Or Analytical.Respect.Listen.Do Your Home Work.Explain Benefits.Show USPs.To The Point.Flatter His Personality.Never To Tell Him That He Is Wrong.

High Power.Low Affiliation.

SolutionDoctorMotivesDescriptionHow To DealHigh Achievement.Knows His Needs Very Well & Wants What Fit These Needs.Wants Facts In Details.His Priorities : The Most Recent, The Updates & The Challenging.Almost Analytical.Lead Other Doctors To Satisfy His Need To Help Others.Just Deliver Your Message Clearly.Use Detailed Studies & Clinical Trials.Follow The Attitude & Mindset Classification.High Power.High Affiliation.

Pass The BuckDoctorMotivesDescriptionHow To DealLow Achievement.Conservative.Follow Others In Their Decisions.Avoid Sales & Marketing People.Keep Him Self Secured.No Risk & No Change.Emotional Key May Help.Attending Lectures With Speakers Of Solution Type To Build Trust.Low Power.Low Affiliation.

PushoverDoctorMotivesDescriptionHow To DealLow Achievement.Friendly.Helpful.Buy Things From People Who He Likes.Deal Fr