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  • A Su Salud!: Spanish for Health Professionals, ClassroomEdition

    Chapel Hill UNC, Christine E. Cotton, Elizabeth Ely Tolman, JuliaCardona Mack

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  • Publisher : Yale University Press

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  • ISBN : 0300119666

    Author : Chapel Hill UNC, Christine E. Cotton, Elizabeth Ely Tolman,Julia Cardona Mack

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  • A Su Salud!: Spanish for Health Professionals, Classroom Edition is an intermediate-level Spanishlanguage program designed for students and practicing healthcare professionals. Learners work withvocabulary and grammar within the context of a telenovela called La comunidad, which featuresauthentic Spanish spoken by native speakers in a variety of accents.

    This revised edition of the original multimedia package is ideal for classroom use. It includes a textand DVD with dozens of dramatic video clips related to exercises in the book.

    Major features of the revised program include:

    * A DVD which includes the 96-minute telenovela drama La comunidad, as well as dozens ofadditional clips that help students practice their language skills and learn more about the culture oftheir Hispanic patients

    * New readings from external sources on medical topics that spark student discussion

    * Dozens of exercises from the original interactive DVD-ROM program have been incorporated intothe textbook

    * A Recursos Web site with links to important language, culture, and health-related sites.

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