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  2. 2. Gas Detectors Area and Activity portable gas detectors supplied by Crowcon: Detective+ (Rig rats) : Area monitors Triple+ IR : Activity monitors for Nitrogen environment Triple+ : Activity monitors
  3. 3. Gas Detectors Personal gas detectors supplied by BW technology: GASALERT Max XT : Activity monitors for O2, CO, H2S & LEL GASALERTMICRO Clip : Personal monitor for O2, CO, H2S & LEL GASALERT Clip Extreme : H2S personal monitors (36 months life) disposable type GASALERT Clip Extreme : O2 personal monitors GASALERT Clip Extreme : Ammonia (NH3) personal monitors GASALERT Clip Extreme : Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN) personal monitors GASALERT Clip Extreme : Carbon Monoxide (CO) personal monitors
  4. 4. BW Gas Detectors Single Gas BW Technology make Gas Alert Clip Extreme 3 years life
  5. 5. BW Gas Detectors Multi Gas Detector BW Technology GasAlert MaxXT Gas Alarm : Audible, visual, vibrator
  6. 6. Crowcon Package Triple plus no IR.pdf Package
  7. 7. To turn on, press Alarm sounds and alarm LED flashes Instrument displays model and serial number Serial number displayed Start-up
  8. 8. Display Testing System Battery charge level is displayed. (Above 5.8V - good, below 5.0V - flat)
  9. 9. When due for calibration a message is incorporated into the startup routine Alarm sounds and LED flashes if calibration date is passed The instrument should be calibrated every six months by an authorised calibration outlet Press CAL key to continue (labelled on display) Calibration due
  10. 10. Backlight operation To operate the backlight press The backlight remains on for 30 minutes To turn it off press again Backlight comes on when in alarm
  11. 11. Alarms The alarm LED flashes and the alarm sounds Word alarm flashes next to gas name Backlight comes on 3 instantaneous alarms per channel Frequency of LED and alarm sound increases with change in alarm level
  12. 12. Exposure Limit Alarms Short term exposure limit is average of gas over 15 minutes normally in UK Long term exposure limit is average of gas over 8 hours Short term time is configurable via Set Portable When one of these alarms is reached, siren will sound and whole display will flash the alarm message
  13. 13. Reset To reset the alarm press only when GAS LEVEL has returned to safe levels Display returns to normal
  14. 14. Low battery warning Power LED flashes more quickly and bleeps and display shows warning. Fully charged unit gives over 12 hrs use. Takes 4-6 hrs to charge from flat Push unit into charger ensuring springs click Unit should be left in charger between use.
  15. 15. Normal operation Instrument displays gas levels for each channel. Power LED flashes and sounder beeps to indicate battery healthy.
  16. 16. Use of the aspirator 1. Tuck aspirator under lip of unit 2. Tighten screws 3. Squeeze bulb regularly and repeat for at least 2 minutes 1 2 3
  17. 17. To turn off, simultaneously press and Keep both buttons pressed until instrument shuts down and display is blank Shut-down