aluminum foil vs. plastic

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  2. 2. GENERAL OBJECTIVE: To test the effectiveness of the aluminum foil in prolonging the temperature of the substance.
  3. 3. SPECIFIC OBJECTIVE: 1. Determine whether the aluminum foil will prolong or not the temperature of the substance. 2. Compare the temperature of the substance in the two set up.
  4. 4. HYPOTHESIS Aluminum foil will prolong the temperature of the substance.
  5. 5. MATERIALS Two identical BRAND NEW trays
  6. 6. Aluminum foil Aluminum foil is essentially thin sheets of aluminium metal, generally less than 0.2mm thick. They are easily folded and wrapped around objects of any shape and size, making them useful in food packaging, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and chemical products
  7. 7. Plastic Plastic wrap is a thin film of plastic that is sometimes used to wrap and seal food items in a container in order for the food to be kept fresh for a longer period of time. The plastic film is approximately about 0.01mm thick and it can cling onto a smooth surface without the use of any adhesive.
  8. 8. Two Cups Of Hot Water
  9. 9. Two Thermometer (sponsored by Madam)thank
  10. 10. DIAGRAM of the SET-UP
  11. 11. FLOW CHART of the PROCEDURE Prepare all the needed materials. Pour out hot water on the trays. Measure initial temperature of the water in the two set up. Record the data. Cover the tray with aluminum foil and the other with plastic. Leave the set- up for about 30 minutes. Measure the temperature of water in the two set up. Record the data
  12. 12. DATA and RESULTS Set Up Initial Temperature Final Temperature A 56C 37C B 56C 30C
  13. 13. Analysis Based on the Result obtained in the experiment , the aluminum foil sustains the temperature of the substance for a longer time compared to plastic used as wrapper.
  14. 14. Conclusion Aluminum foil is an effective material in the purpose of prolonging the temperature of the substance.
  15. 15. Reason: Aluminum foil helps to maintain the temperature of the food by minimizing the transfer of heat from the food to the surrounding and vice versa. Besides prevented the flow of heat by conduction, the reflective surface of the foil helps to prevent heat loss by radiation - this does not happen for the cling wrap, which does not have an opaque, reflective surface.. Therefore, hot food that is wrapped in aluminum foil will remain hot for a longer period and chilled food that is wrapped in aluminum foil will take a longer time to thaw.
  16. 16. Reason : Foil cause its a conductor of heat ! aluminum foil deflects heat, so if you wrap it and there's space between the food and the foil, the heat will travel up, but then it will be pushed back down toward the food. but it won't keep it long for a long period of time


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