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  • Fantastic Facts About Snakes: Illustrated Fun Learning ForKids

    Miles Merchant

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  • Publisher : CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

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  • ISBN : 150031711X

    Author : Miles Merchant

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  • Welcome to the Fantastic Facts Book Series! Bestselling childrens author Miles Merchant presentsFantastic Facts About Snakes. This book uses captivating images and expertly written words toteach children about Snakes. Perfect reading for any occasion and especially ideal for bed times,long journeys or for bonding with your child. Fun Filled Learning for Your Child (and you!) Every oneof our books is lovingly researched, illustrated and put together to outstand, awe and inspire thereader. Our beautiful images help explain and enlighten each well-written fact. This book covers arange of exciting topics including: * Snakes can swallow huge prey * Snakes arent slimy at all *There are no poisonous snakes * Snakes use their tongue to smell, not taste * Snakes hate theirvegetables * The mouth of the snake is a natural trap * Not all snakes lay eggs * Rattlesnakes arentborn with all their rattles * Rattlesnakes are also pit vipers * Rattlesnakes arent always mean * Allsnakes are cold-blooded reptiles * A snakes body is designed for flexibility * Snakes dont haveears * Snakes come in a wide variety of colors * Sea snakes can really hold their breath * Sea snakesalso have unique shapes * Sea snakes are docile creatures * A venomous snakes bite is not alwaysdeadly * A venomous snakebite can often be prevented * Many snakes are protected species Weloved compiling this book and even learned a few things along the way and hopefully you will too. Getthis book at this SPECIAL PRICE exclusive to the Amazon Store. *** Your child will love it - this isguaranteed.***

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