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Topic Of Presentation. Mud Logging

What I Am Going To Discuss?ComponentsPrinciple Uses Units Limitations

Major Components Of Mud Logging Unit.

1. Mud Pump3. Standpipe5. Drill string7. Return Line9. Desander11. Degasser2. Pump Manifold4. Swivel6. Annulus8. Shale Shaker10. Desilter12. Mud Pit

PrincipleMud logging is a service that qualitatively and quantitatively obtains data from, and makes observations of, drilled rocks, drilling fluids and drilling parameters in order to formulate and display concepts of the optional, in situ characteristics of formations rocks with the primary goal of delineating hydrocarbon shows worthy of testing.The mud logging unit is the information center on the rig site to serve both exploration and drilling.

Mud logging totally depends upon the mud circulation principle in well which is going to drill.Mud pumped by the mud pump via drill string into the bottom of the hole at a specific pressure and this pressure turn the mud fluid back through the annular into the shale shaker.From the shale shaker, cuttings from the well collected to examine them.Shale shaker again connected to the mud pit.As during this circulation process, properties of the out coming mud change. To overcome this change a mud logger or chemical engineer makes the properties of the mud same as the formation by mixing something according to the requirements.

Objectives: Collecting drill cuttings.Describing the cuttings (type of minerals present).Interpreting the described cuttings (lithology).Estimating properties such as porosity and permeability of the drilled formation.Maintaining and monitoring drilling-related and safety-related sensing equipment.Estimating the pore pressure of the drilled formation.Collecting, monitoring, and evaluating hydrocarbons released from the drilled formations.Assessing the producibility of hydrocarbon-bearing formations.Maintaining a record of drilling parameters.

Units:Feet per minute

Limitation:At 3000m depth mud logging is not suitable because cuttings are mixed together by which exact information are not tackledAt great depth returning mud takes much time to reach to the surface so it becomes time consumingCuttings are mixed at greater depthPit fall may occur at greater depth where the strata is loose or sandy