10 Ways To Get Your Ex Back

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An interesting manual showing tips to get back with your ex.


<ul><li> 1. 10Sure shot waysTo get your Ex Back Within one week 1</li></ul><p> 2. Contents1. Reverse your Break up in 7 Days ...................32. 10 Ways to get back your Ex within 1 week ...........42.1. Enhance your Physical Appearance ......... 42.2. Be Independent and Confident ...........62.3. Never underestimate yourself ................82.4. Nurture the relationship .................... 102.5. Be friends with his friends .................... 122.6. Be sincere in your approach ................. 142.7. Try to be unique and innovative ................ 152.8. Give Time and work as a team ................ 162.9. Understand the psychology .................. 182.10.Broaden your Sphere ...................203. Authors Note ..............................21 2 3. Reverse your Break up in 7 DaysLife does not follow any set pattern. There is no rule book to guide aperson on its long journey of existence. Follow your heart is the bestway to handle the ups and down and various hurdles that comeacross through a persons supposedly small life span on this earth.Be sure of one thing in your life Never take anything for granted.Everything comes across with a price tag attached to it. You have tomake your own place and stamp your existence on this earth vividly.Be sure of your lifes goal and targets and shoot after them. Dont bemodest. Opportunities never knock at your door twice. You have justthis one life to prove yourself (you never know in what form youreappear in your rebirth). Nobody cares how you achieve your goal, what matters is the endresult. If you want something desperately, work on it. Dont let it gowithout sweating on it. Give it your hundred percent.There is no way you cant achieve your hearts desire, if you put yourwhole heart into it. If a person wants something real badly, and puthis full effort in achieving it, even the universe helps him in hispursuit of his quest. 3 4. Its a mind game. One has to be fully prepared and confident inones own ability.First, there has to be clarity in mind about ones wants and desire.Are you clear in your views about what you are after? Is it just awhim or a true desire? Are you ready to slog for it? If the answer toall the above questions is yes, then, tighten your seat belt and go forit. Your flight is ready to take off.10 Ways to get back your Ex within 1 weekRemember you are into a race against time. One Week is what youneed to get your ex back. Plan your strategy carefully and implementit. Best of Luck!!!1. Enhance your physical appearanceJot down your positive and negative points on a piece of paper.Work on the negative aspects and flaunt the positive ones.First, start with your physical appearance. Stand in front of a mirrorand appraise yourself from head to toe very critically.Say, lets begin with hair. Are they dull, rough and unkempt? Haveyou had a same hair style for a very long time?If so, take an appointment from your hair dresser for the earliestpossible. Go for a new hair style keeping in mind your boy friendsliking for short or long hair.If you think there is nothing wrong with your hairdo, take a stepdown. 4 5. Now, lets tackle the face. Are you losing out on your freshness andgaiety due to tension? Is your regular glow missing? Where is thesparkle of your eyes that first attracted him to you?Dont let go of your mischievous smile. Rush for a facial. Get a spaand massage done. Get yourself rejuvenated. Splurge on yourself. Gofor bright, lively lip shades and make-up. Throw away anything dulland somber.Next comes the clothing part. There is a old saying God made aman, tailor made a Gentleman. Clothes can make or break you.5 6. Pamper yourself, go for a new wardrobe. Pick out some smart sexyclothes. They will not only make you look attractive but at the sametime will boost up your self confidence. You will feel good fromwithin.Dont forget you are out on a killing spree. Nothing is wrong in loveand war.Dont be demure and shy and go out on a hunt for your man with fullforce. Make sure when you walk down on the road heads turn. Alsoensure, your ex is somewhere around, noticing other men goggle atyou.Men love to possess something other craves for. Believe it or not,they love to show off, as much if not more than as women.Keep two days aside for your physical transformation and in thesetwo days dont let your ex have a glimpse of you.Once you are satisfied that you are looking your best possible, try togo out with your friends preferably a male one, to those commonjoints, where you are sure your ex boy friend is also bound to be.Flaunt yourself unashamedly. Flirt around and give a notion ofhaving a good time. At the same time make sure, you do not entirelyignore your ex or go overboard in your act.That might give him an idea that you are doing all this in a reboundand it might please him further that he still has that hold on you.Your purpose of all this should be to make him realize what all he ismissing by walking out on you. Be a little distant but at the sametime be friendly with him, so that he gets the message that he stillhas the scope of coming back to you. 6 7. Dont scare him off by getting too close to your male friends thatmight send entirely wrong vibes.Be graceful and elegant and show off your newly acquired poise. Ifhe approaches you with a desire to meet again, dont show overenthusiasm, and dont ever let him feel as if this whole trap had beenset up purposely by you with the only intention of entrapping himinto it.A man likes to catch his own prey. The feeling of being hunted downscares them off. Dont repeat the mistakes that led to this break upat the first place.When with him dont compromise with your new looks. Use yournew wardrobe and make-up to your full advantage. A man likes tobe seen in the company of beautiful and attractive women and thereis no dearth of such ladies around. You have a constant competition.One more important aspect that should be kept in mind is, alwaysbehave in a proper manner when out with other men. Dont giveyour ex any wrong signals about your character.Flirting with other men should be well within the limits of afriendship. Dont give anyone the idea that you are easily availablefor any Tom, Dick and Harry. Let there be full respect in yourrelationship once you regain it. 7 8. That is the most important ingredient for a long lasting relationship.So, have a nice time with your new look. There is a definite suretythat it is going to catch your boy friends attention and bowl him outflat.2. Be Independent and ConfidentAfter physical appearance comes the emotional and mental part.Woman are emotional fools, they carry a large baggage with themeverywhere which contains rights and wrongs of life.Leave your heavy suitcases behind for a change, for someone else tolook after. Be light headed and move forward in life with an openand clear mind. Be firm and determined in your pursuit. Dont beaggressive.Be subtle but single focused. Persistence is the key to success. Dontgive up without a good fight. A battle lost doesnt necessarily meanlost war.If you want your boy friend back badly, go after him all armored,and ensure others know of your intentions. Determination alwayspays.Be consistent in your approach. Remember you are fighting for whatwas yours and you want it back. Dont show your desperation, bybeing clinging and submissive.Be independent in your approach. Never should he feel burdeneddown by having you around him. Being soft, delicate and vulnerableare some good qualities that a women should have, but at the sametime confidence in oneself is equally important. 8 9. Being always dependent on your man for every big or small problemis the fastest and the surest way of ensuring his reluctance incontinuing the relationship on a long term basis.At first, they all like their girl friends to be feminine and submissiveand looking upon them starry eyed.Men enjoy being asked their opinion regarding their girl friendsclothes and accessories. Their full time attention and company boosttheir egos.They feel manly with a girl friend tagging along with them and beingalways there at their beck and call. But over the period of time theystart feeling suffocated and chained down when constantly in thecompany of a nave, ignorant, empty headed girl friend, who isdependent on them for their every small requirement.Change your attitude. Be independent and confident. But remember,only confident and not over confident. Try to relieve him from thestrain of taking every small decision, help him out with his basicdaily needs.Men will never admit but they are very poor housekeepers. Doingbasic daily chores like grocery shopping, bills payment, homecleaning bore them to death. Increase their dependency on you bysimplifying and sorting out their everyday routine.One most common excuse for a break up in almost every relation isthe fight over who takes the responsibilities. If that has been thereason in your case, now is the chance to rectify it. It wont hurt youto take the first step towards reconciliation. Have that muchconfidence and determination in you to be able to manage thingssingle handedly.9 10. Let him also have that much faith in you. Ask him to give you aweeks time to prove yourself. Show it to him that you can managethings on your own without his interference and that too withperfection. You should not be an added responsibility on him but acompany for him, and that too an intelligent one.Charm him down with your confidence, determination andindependence. Just notice, he wont want to go anywhere away fromyou. And why should he? He has nothing to lose and everything togain.3. Never underestimate yourselfOne most basic rule to hold on to your boy friend is, never tounderestimate yourself. You alone are not to be blamed for thebreakup. 10 11. Have faith and trust in your capabilities to make a relationshipwork. There can be hundred and one reason for why he left you. Itsnot necessary it was due to some fault of yours.There could have been some misunderstanding on his part or else,he might have been, as it is looking out for some excuse to end thisrelationship.Be strong rock and salvage the situation. Try to bridge the gap thathas distanced you for him. Go through the incidences of the past twomonths.Make notes of all the issues that have led to a spat amongst you(even the little tiny ones). Note down all the habits of yours that hedoesnt like.Have you been because of your having low esteem in your own self,over protective? Have your actions been suffocating him in therelationship? Have you in your desperation to hold on to him notbeing giving him enough space to breath? Does it make you feelinsecure even if he looks up to any other girl?Change yourself. Have faith in your boyfriend and in yourself.Loosen up a bit. Dont underestimate your worth.He wont run away, if given a little freedom. He is yours to keep.Dont show your desperation. Dont stalk him day and night (it justdoesnt have to be physically, even mentally release him). Valueyourself.How do you expect others to appreciate you when you yourselfunderrate yourself? Make him aware of what he is losing out on by 11 12. walking out of this relationship. You can achieve whatever you setyour mind on.Just have faith in yourself. If you really want him back dont be afraidin using any mode or tool possible in reaching your target. It can beyour friend, your family or your common acquaintance. Let them beyour voice.Dont blow your own trumpet, but let it spread through words ofmouth.If you have enough belief in yourself, others will also go out of theway to support you in your cause. But first and foremost its you andonly you who can make any real difference in your relationship. Forthat you must have a specific idea about how and why the thingswent sour.Whose fault was it, is very immaterial, and because its not an issueof egos what involved here is your heart. If you have to bend down alittle to get back your lost love, let it be.Confront him directly. Dont be aggressive, just sit and work out howthings can be mended. Talk like adults, dont cry and cling to him,which would make him run away even further. Never show himyour desperation.There has to be some quality or qualities of yours that attracted himto you in the first place. Focus and highlight on those qualities. Bringhis attention to them and subtly make him realize your worth. Dontbe melodramatic but be firm and specific in your approach. Youknow you can do it. 12 13. 4. Nurture the relationEvery relationship let it be of mother and child, siblings orfriendship, needs nurturing.Love and care are two basic ingredients to hold on to any relation.But be careful, always remember, excess of anything is bad. Dontsmother a person with your love.You can drive a person insane with your constant attention. But atthe same time show your boyfriend how much you care for him.Give attention and importance to his every little whim. Make himfeel special in your life. He should constantly get the vibrations ofyour love for him.Make him aware of his importance in your life. If he is angry withyou or has broken up with you, you can always convey your feelingsin various different ways.Make him realize, that you are missing him and would like to havehim back. Leave a door open for him so that he doesnt have thefeeling that he has permanently closed all his future prospects withyou, when walking out of your life. Boost his ego to certain extent.Remember, love knows no limits and no boundaries. Let it be knownto him that your love for him is unconditional and you are preparedto have him back, as he is, along with his flaws and shortcomings. 13 14. Dont try to change him, if required change yourself. At times westart taking things for granted. Dont do that. Loving someone is notsufficient in itself, if it is not displayed properly.Words are as important as deeds to sustain our relationship. Actionssomehow are not always enough.One has to express the feelings vocally also. Dont just assume thatyour partner knows how much you love and care for him. On andoff, say it with words also. Call him randomly, anytime of the day, just to say I Love You. Hewould appreciate the gesture, believe me. Wont you have? Everyonerequires and needs that assurance.It reconfirms a persons belief that he is needed and wanted. Startsaying three words like I Love You, I Miss You, and I Desire Youto make your relationship alive.You can leave little notes with your feelings expresses on it indifferent places, where you know he is bound to see them. Thatwould put a big smile on his face.Along with it you will be constantly there in his mind (that is themain purpose of the whole exercise. Dont you think so?)Have you ever observed plants closely? If left on their own, even thehealthy ones wither and die.Plants have the tendency to bend towards sun and light. If givenproper care and attention, they bloom and flourish. Same is the casewith any relationship.14 15. If cared and nurtured properly they...</p>