24 Protect Plus | Keep Your Kids Safe This Halloween - Trick Treating Safety Tips

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Keep Your Kids Safe This Halloween - Trick Treating Safety Tips


  • 1. Trick-or-Treating Safely This Halloween
    Tips from 24 Protect Plus to Keep Your Kids Safe

2. Halloween
Halloween is a great time kids and adults alike can have a lot of fun
But kids tend to get over-excited and throw caution to the wind
This happens especially during trick-or-treating, when adults may not be around
24 Protect Plus offers some great tips to keep your child out of harms way this Halloween
3. Safety Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe This Halloween from 24 Protect Plus
4. Adult Supervision
Adult supervision is a must at all times
Dont let your kids go trick-or-treating alone even if its just around the block or in your building
If you cant go, plan to have some adult supervision by conferring with the parents of your childrens friends
Some of your neighbors may be having a party, and theres no way of knowing what kind of crowd theyll be hosting
Make sure theres at least one adult accompanying the kids when they go on their candy-collection mission
5. Plan a Route and Stick to It
Plan a route to follow when you go trick-or-treating with a group of children
Dont just set out before thinking of the houses that youll visit
Explaining the route to the older kids should be enough
For the younger ones, draw a route map, and put it in their pockets
A route plan helps keep everyone in sync and avoids children running amok in excitement
6. The More, the Merrier
Dont go trick-or-treating alone
Make sure that you do so in a group
Not only is it more safe, its also more fun
The strength in numbers can help keep your kids safer, and kids are also less likely to get into trouble
7. Never Enter a House
24 Protect Plus suggests that all children should be instructed to never enter someones house while trick-or-treating
Explain to your kids that they are to wait at the door after knocking or ringing the bell
This is especially important if the house belongs to a stranger
8. Check the Candy
Many people buy cheap candy todistribute to kids when they come trick-or-treating on Halloween
Perform a candy check, and get rid of any candies that dont seem fit for consumption
Theres no need to go on a self-tasting mission
Just throw away any candy that isnt in its original wrapper or that looks like its been meddled with
9. Halloween Is a Special Time for Kids, and Most Kids Look Forward to It Eagerly
Keep these tips from 24 Protect Plus in mind, and your kids will have a good time and stay safe too.


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