5 body language secrets that attract women

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  • 1. 5 BODY LANGUAGE SECRETS THAT ATTRACT WOMEN What is the biggest key factor there is when it comes to approaching and attracting beautiful women? Is it looks? Nope. Is it income? No. Is it age? Not even close. The biggest factor there is without a doubt is communication.
  • 2. LETS TALK ABOUT THE 5 BODY LANGUAGE SECRETS THAT I PERSONALLY USE TO HELP ME ATTRACT WOMEN: Open Yourself Relax Be Spacious In -any situation, approaching up as Lean Back and Whenyou are always sitting up or Movement Nervous guys are you are fidgetyvery Walking Posture WhenWhen always take and you are walking its women stand or sit with your successful with much sortto as men who arepalms slightly lobby, in any space have great posture. If sitting in lay jerky. Confident possible. Ifisnt standing up,awith important of position that youre you walk exposed down and kick your sides and with sort headrelax. Letcontrolled movements. at is a backof make your arms athands in out. pocketyour womenlean back with your yourhang your This your your andwith very your arms legs down They you legs slowly and yourself (or out in front as you territorial thing thatapart as comfortableof with sides, and makeonly all people notice movements. walk shoulder width unapproachable. Walk you if will look completely make controlled you back straight, with your tendency up subconsciously. If people seeayou tilted up or a possiblyneverShy guys have head takingrestless leg You are sitting). Dont ever cross your armsjustyour yourwill can. see a confident man with of this legs as this is a signal and assume shoulders space they will automaticallyother your By slowing shielding themselves for being closed off. sitting syndrome or fidgeting with his fingers.you by be the bit. Stick your chest outfrom bring people to alpha your movement you you are the one the forward with room women are Dontare this as is down This shows armsthatwhatpresenting towhoitrest back. in the their and folded. they do most the most laid confidence. Take a version of makes you aback and off. of the worldlook closed fun! Relax!look at any attracted too, more comfortable yourself and it makesor celebrity. They always walk millionaire, rock star, you that much more approach-friendly. this way and its because they are confident with themselves.
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