5 Ways to Manage Your Blog Better

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  1. 1. Clean Up Your Blog5 Techniques From Lectures ThatMake for Healthier Blogs @SocialMediDuh
  2. 2. 1. Dont Overlook the Fundamentals A good lecturer will cover the basics, either by providing you with additional reading materials or at the start of their talk or series. As a blogger, covering the fundamentals is important because it provides you with varied content, enabling you to answer more questions, while creating longer lasting impressions in Google. Think about it, a quality article on a topic that people will always have to research out of interest for your field will drive traffic to your blog for much longer, and more consistently than a topical piece will.Christina Aguilera went Back to Basics once, andtoday shes known as The Voice *Fundamentals will vary, but every field has its basics. E.g as a food retailer, the basics of food include recipes, histories of recipes, explanations of spices etc. @SocialMediDuh
  3. 3. 2. Stay Current A good lecturer will draw your attention back to on-going issues with topical examples and use the news to highlight potential problems, hypotheses and solutions. Being topical can increase your SEO ranking in the short term by driving high volumes of traffic to your site, for shorter periods of time. Got budget? Try hiring an extra copy-writer just to produce news and opinion articles and commentary. If publishing in high volumes doesnt meet your strategy then aim for striking a healthy balance between topical and fundamental pieces in your publishing schedule. (Aim for one of each a month)Think like Madonna. Shes been current for Keeping up to date with current news and trends drives more years traffic because it provides opportunities to be more vocal on social networks and make your blog appear relevant.@SocialMediDuh
  4. 4. 3. Maintain and Establish an ExpertiseTake a good look back to your university days and youllprobably remember that most of your lecturers had aspecialty. They spent time researching a particular area,perhaps publishing books and articles on the topic,establishing themselves as experts.One thing that you can do for the good of your blog is to find aniche area (or two) of expertise. This is, in marketing speakyour blogs Unique Selling Point or USP. What youre reallydoing, is shaping your blogs persona and can help tocultivate a loyal audience for your blog.Steven Seagal, for example, is an expert bad ass!Establishing your brand as an expert at YXZ is a reputationbuilding exercise that shouldnt be overlooked and can helpdictate everything on your blog, from appearance to style andtone.@SocialMediDuh
  5. 5. 4. Travel and Spread the WordYouve probably attended a guest lecture or two in your life, orat least heard the expression the lecture circuit. Thatsbecause experts travel and spread the word... you should do thesame.You should really consider writing for other online publishers inorder to strengthen your brand name, and your appearance onsearch.No ones asking you to contribute?Steve Carrells character took his sales expertise onthe lecture circuit in The Office.Then write column pitches to other blogs, targetedwebsites, and even offline publications in order to spread yourword further. Choose your subject matters and targetwisely, and you will lend your blog additional credence andreach. @SocialMediDuh
  6. 6. 5. Integrate Media An entertaining lecture will incorporate various types of media. The same is true for blogs. You will be much more interesting and attract more attention by publishing content that is accessible to everyone. Web comics, video series, infographics and charts are all compelling ways to communicate ideas and can be used to cultivate presences on other digital channels and create cross- promotion opportunities between your blog and other channels.Mix media for better results.@SocialMediDuh