50 Ways To Attract More Visitors To Your Website

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If you build a website, visitors do not automatically come. You need to do certain tasks to attract people to your website. Here are 50 ways to get more clients to find your website so that they can see your services or products and how they're different from other businesses.


  • 1.50 Things Your Website Needs to Attract More Clients YourWebSiteMarketingService.com

2. 50 Things Your Website Needs 1. Social media invitations Invite your visitors to find you on your favorite social media sites 1. Professionally-designed logo or header This is the first step to branding your site & make a first impression 1. Easy to navigate Make it easy for visitors to find information 3. 50 Things Your Website Needs 4. Interaction & Comments Invite visitors to comment & have conversations on your blog 5. Social bookmarking When someone book marks your site, its added to their account where others can share, vote & read your content 6. Fresh & catchy content Keep content recent & topical What voice do you write in? 4. 50 Things Your Website Needs 7. Archives with clear keywords Archives are directories of old content Use keywords to make it easy for readers to find older content 8. Search field Make it easy for your readers to find older content 9. Inquiry form Allows readers to ask you questions & keeps them engaged in your business 5. 50 Things Your Website Needs 10. FAQ page Make the answers to your Frequently Asked Questions very easy to understand 11. List of awards and/or recognitions Gives you a boost of credibility 12.Media page Tells the media about your business when they come searching for an interview candidates 6. 50 Things Your Website Needs 13.Competition Get people involved Run a contest; invite readers to share stories or videos 14. Top quality free downloads Brand calendars, checklists or worksheets to drive traffic to your site 15. Relationships with relevant industry professionals Opportunities to leverage & grow your business Build your community one person at a time 7. 50 Things Your Website Needs 16. Contributor content Each guest blogger, interview & contributing author brings their audience to you 17. Community involvement Get involved in your community & share that on your website 18. A newsletter Make sure it provides a different value from the rest of your website 8. 50 Things Your Website Needs 19. Membership option Members receive exclusive contents, products or services 20. Events Events create relationships Consider webinars, chats & other events 21. Optimized sign up offer Create a fabulous freebie to entice people to sign up for your newsletter 9. 50 Things Your Website Needs 22. Mobile app Offer for free or charge for it & add it to your product catalog 23. Testimonials Mini sales pitches from satisfied clients can sway new clients to hire you 24. Social media widgets Display your activity on your favorite sites 10. 50 Things Your Website Needs 25. Newsfeed Display latest industry news on your website 26. Webinars Provide teaching opportunities to your clients & prospects 27. Great headlines for everything Compelling & relevant headlines pull your prospect into the content Practice writing headlines & track which ones have best results 11. 50 Things Your Website Needs 28. Effective calls to action Tell your visitors what to do next & guide them 29. Have you written a book? Promote it on your site & build your credibility 30. Have you been featured on the news? Add the news logo to your website & build your credibility 12. 50 Things Your Website Needs 31. Do you have credentials? Include them in the form of a biography or on your About page 32. Clear brand Use your colors, logo, header, buttons, graphics & voice to build your brand 33. Obvious target market Create your idea prospect & tailor your website to appeal to that prospect 13. 50 Things Your Website Needs 34. About page Include information about your companys mission & vision, a bio & company history 35. Contact page Include name, phone numbers, email & physical address 36. Video & audio welcome People like to put a face & voice to a name Use video & audio in your content or on your landing pages 14. 50 Things Your Website Needs 37. A way for people to give money Placing a donation link to a cause on your site shows that youre socially aware & consumers respond to that 38. Unique Selling Proposition (USP) What makes you different? Integrate your USP into your content, voice & branding 39. RSS feed Allows readers to subscribe to your site using feed readers such as Feedly 15. 50 Things Your Website Needs 40. New Products / Services Create a steady stream of new products or services Make a launch plan so you can promote these on a regular basis 41. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) The strategy of driving traffic to your site Every single page should be optimized 42. Analytics Tracks activity of every visitor to your site 16. 50 Things Your Website Needs 43. Relevant & strong outbound links Choose complimentary sites with whom you have a realtionship 44. Controversial content Share your opinion Engage conversation & drive traffic to your site 45. Headshot photo Show your customers what you look like 17. 50 Things Your Website Needs 46. Promotional offer Firesales, new product launches, seasonal or holidays 47. Referral or affiliate program Reward those people who send new customers to you with money, discounts or exclusive add-ons 48. Security Protect your customers information by using secure shopping carts & payment methods 18. 50 Things Your Website Needs 49. Fast load times People are impatient & will click away if your site takes too long to load Invest in a good web host & monitor the size of your graphics 50. Visual interest Work with a designer to get an attractive & balanced site Start with a few of these changes & gradually implement more 19. Your Business Takeaway: Pick a few of the 50 and implement them. Once you see progress, target more of these 50! Any questions? Get in touch with us. 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