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The journey for success begins with a step, just as the journey of a thousand miles. Grab a free audio copy of the greatest self help book of all time visit: http://successempowermentsystems.com/audio

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  • 7 WAYS TO BEGIN YOUR PERSONAL SUCCESS JOURNEY Presented By Success Empowerment Systems Get your free audio copy of one of the best Self help book ever published. http://successempowermentsystems.com/audio
    • 7 Ways To Begin Your Personal Success Journey
    • The journey for success begins with a step, just as the journey of a thousand miles. There is nothing like overnight success, it is an illusion to say the least. Success is not validated only by the results achieved but mostly by the process through which the results were attained. Most folks want to succeed but are unfamiliar with the ways that can lead them on their personal success journey. For instance, in preparing for a journey there are ways you begin so as to move in the appropriate direction. Some ideas that come to mind are to know exactly where you want to go, to get the itinerary for the journey, a map that will serve as a guide through the journey and so forth.
    • 1. Define Success for Yourself
    • There are a lot of definitions out there today partly because of our individual orientations and upbringing. Most of these definitions may not resonate or mean anything to you. Consequently, having a personal definition of success and its meaning to you is critical as you embark on your success journey.
    Now, let us examine seven simple ways to begin your personal success journey.
    • However, you can use some of the definitions of success from great minds as your template for formulating your own definition of success. A very good example is that of Dr. John C. Maxwell that states, Success is knowing your purpose in life, growing to reach your maximum potential, and sowing seeds that benefit others. It is easier to forge ahead in your personal success endeavours when you have clearly defined success for yourself.
    • 2. Decide to Succeed
    • Now you may say that is simple. Do you know over the six billion people on planet earth only a fraction of them have one time made a deliberate decision to succeed? This is one of the qualities that successful people exhibits, once they have decided to succeed, they will do what it takes to succeed. Wishing you were successful is not the same as deciding to be successful. Wishful thinking does not move people to take action to do what needs to be done.
    • It is when you decide to do, be and have, that you will now begin the process that will lead you on that success journey. Irrespective of were you are in your life the one thing that is stopping you from the success you deserved is DECISION with a capital D. You got to tell yourself I am decided on succeeding in my personal and professional life. It is crucial not to second guess your resolve, you have to be crystal clear and hold yourself accountable for the decision you have made.
    • 3. Declare What You Want
    • Knowing exactly what you want is one of the single most important ways to begin your personal success journey. When you are nonchalant about what you want, the possibility of ever beginning your personal success journey and achieving meaningful results is going to remain a dream that never comes to fruition and fades into the ether. Declare what you want from the onset as you begin your personal success journey and you will be able to stay focus through the entire process without losing perspective in the face of temporary detours and challenges.
    • 4. Believability
    • Your asset is the ability to succeed but your greatest asset is to believe in your ability to succeed. You must believe that you are endowed with innate capacity by God and that you are wired to succeed. Yes, failure is inevitable in the process of your personal success journey but you are not a failure, while you may have failed in some things but please understand that failure was just event that occurred in your pursuit. If you are to succeed you must believe that you can succeed and you will with style.
    • 5. Create A Plan
    • Creating a definite plan for carrying out your desire is invaluable. For if you dont plan, you plan to fail. You need plans to succeed in any endeavour. Hence creating plans that will get you from point A to B is of utmost importance as you progress through the corridors of life.
    • 6. Pursuit
    • Your desire to succeed is in your pursuit. It is not enough to have a personal definition of success or deciding to succeed. Pursuit is the relevant force that transforms your decision into success. In science, it is purported that every object assumes a state of inertia or uniform motion until an external force is applied to change its course. Please, understand that nothing works on its own, it must be made to work. Likewise without pursuing your intent to succeed, your decision to succeed will only be a figment of your imagination.
    • 7. Commitment
    • The last of the seven ways to begin your personal success journey but not the least is commitment. You must be exceptionally resolved that whatever happens you are going to stay committed to your personal success journey in spite of the insurmountable odds that may come your way. You will persevere and not abandon your dream because of temporary detours. No matter what stay committed to your goals and objectives and Ill see you at the top.
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