8 Ways To Get Ready For The Summer

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Summer is just around the corner so its about time you started getting your garden ready for those late night BBQs with your family and friends.



2. Summer is just around the corner so its about time you started getting your garden ready for those late night BBQs with your family and friends. 3. These 8 tips shouldnt take you too long to do and it will definitely make you feel much more relaxed about the upcoming summer season. 4. TIDY UP FLOWER BEDS & BORDERS Its time to start clearing away all the debris from your flower beds and borders that has built up over the winter. Once youve done that youre nearly ready to start choosing which flowers you want to plant, so everything is perfect for the Summer. 5. TRIM TREE BRANCHES 6. TRIM TREE BRANCHES Its a good time of the year to start trimming back tree branches and start getting them into the shape you want for Summer.This way they should carry on growing the way you want them too. 7. TRIM THE HEDGES 8. TRIM THE HEDGES Trimming the hedges is never a fun job as it requires lots of hard work and even a climb of the ladder or two. Once its done you can sit back and enjoy your nice, neat and tidy garden. As you only have to do it once maybe twice a year it will definitely be worth it. 9. RESTORE YOUR GARDEN FURNITURE 10. RESTORE YOUR GARDEN FURNITURE Have you got your garden furniture out of the shed and its starting to look a little grey and unhappy? Well instead of spending money on a new set why dont you look into buying some furniture oil and put a little elbow grease into making them look new. 11. PLANT YOUR VEGGIES 12. PLANT YOUR VEGGIES If youve got space for a vegetable patch in your garden then why not clear it out and start planting your own vegetables? If youve got children its a great way for them to get outdoors and learn how some of the food they eat is produced. 13. CLEAN YOUR GARDENING TOOLS 14. CLEAN YOUR GARDENING TOOLS Before starting your gardening give your tools a good clean and a sharpen if needs be! By caring for your garden tools it will help to preserve them and will save you money in the long run. Sharpening tools will improve performance and youll find theyre much easier to work with. 15. FIX FENCES & GATES 16. FIX FENCES & GATES As its not quite Summer yet its the ideal time to get those boring jobs done such as fixing your broken fences and gates from all that wind weve had this Winter! Get those fixed now and spend more time enjoying your garden during Spring and Summer. 17. SWIMMING POOL/HOT TUB REPAIRS 18. SWIMMING POOL/HOT TUB REPAIRS If youre lucky enough to own a pool/hot tub then youll need to make sure its all in working order. Check the water pump, the water levels and make sure all electronics are working. Pool and hot tub repairs can take a while and can be quite expensive if left for a long period of time, so its best to fix them before Summer so people get full use out of them. 19. After youve done all that its time to sit back, relax and enjoy the Summer! Remember to keep on top of watering your plants and youll have a healthy happy garden.