Bathroom design, Bathroom design ideas 3D #2

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Bathroom Design, bathroom design Ideas 3D #2, Bathroom Design making 2 bathrooms from 1, making use of wasted space.


  • 1. Bathroom Design Ideas 3D3 D - Designs by Bathroom Direct Vol 2 Auckland - New ZealandHave your bathroomdesigned using3 DimensionalOriginal bathroom Completed Bathroom Concept Bathroom Design SoftwareLook through this conceptand the finished bathroom photos of this bathroom

2. Bathroom design ideasFrom one bathroom with a huge amount of waste space totwo practical and efficent bathrooms New Bathroom # 1Original single bathroom layoutNew Bathroom #2 3. Bathroom one From entrance Concept from entranceCompleted 4. Conceptshower and wall cabinet Completedshower and wall cabinet 5. Concept Completed Bathroom 6. Concept Tiled floor detailCompleted 7. 3D Conceptvanity installCompletedVanity installation 8. Bathroom #2Concept Completed bathroom 9. Aerial Views of the 2 proposed bathrooms 10. Get a realistic impression of yournew Bathroom RenovationContactContact details at