Bathroom design ideas 3d vol 3

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Bathroom design ideas 3d, volume 3. Bathroom with walk-in shower no glass and very easy to clean. Built in shelf for shampoo bottles.


  • 1. Bathroom Design Ideas 3D 3 D - Designs byBathroom Direct Vol - 3Auckland - New ZealandHave your bathroomdesigned using3 Dimensional Completed BathroomConceptBathroom Design SoftwareLook through this conceptand the finished bathroom photos of this bathroom project

2. Bathroom design ideas Shower Entrancefrom bathroomConceptCompleted bathroom 3. Concept Tiled Mozaic WallsTiled Mozaic wallsCompleted 4. Tiled shower Concept Tiled shower Completed 5. 3D conceptTiled shower DetailCompletedTiled Shower Detail 6. Concept drawinglooking from Shower CompletedShower View 7. 3D concept From Shower toBathroom Complete viewfrom Shower to bathroom 8. 3D concept of the proposed bathroom and toilet 9. Get a realistic impression of your new bathroom Contact Contact details at