Common kitchen makeover pitfalls

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  1. 1. Common Kitchen Makeover PitfallsMany homeowners conduct kitchen renovation projects to increase property value. This endeavour, however, can do more harm than good for a homes price if not done correctly. This is the reason property owners should know and avoid common kitchen makeover pitfalls.Incorrect space planningThe most common complaint when it comes to kitchen design is the insufficiency of space in the area from the lack of countertops to the shortfall of cabinetry. Every homeowner should take their lifestyle into account when it comes to any renovation project. Certain appliances take up more space, while some kitchen accessories need their own storage areas. At the same time, it is always ideal to consider the golden triangle to ensure a smooth flow in the kitchen.
  2. 2. Usage of low quality materials Material quality is another issue property owners often face. Attempts to cut corners and save up some extra cash can be counterproductive, especially when there is increased reliance on more economical materials. It is important to use high quality plasterboards and other materials to make the project worth its cost. Dim kitchens All rooms in a house call for three types of lighting: general, task, and accent illumination. The first one is for universal functions and purposes, the second is for certain areas that require more lighting for different purposes and chores, and the third is for decorative purposes. A dim kitchen has a dull ambiance and may cause accidents because of the darkness. Zero ventilationVentilation is important in any kitchen to get rid of the smell from last nights dinner. There should be windows to aerate the area. Range hoods could circulate the air to keep the area cleaner and smelling nice. Stoves and other appliances generate heat as well, which calls for increased efforts from the air conditioning system.
  3. 3. Trend dependence Some kitchen remodelling efforts anchor the theme to a certain style trend, which could easily get outdated in a few years. While following the fad is alright, dependence can be costly. A certain style set might look garish when the new trend comes out, and it could call for another renovation. The secret to kitchen remodelling is to strike the balance between form and function to create an appealing area without compromising cooking efficiency.Resources: