DO YOU HAVE THE COURAGE To Fire Your Boss and Live Your Life On Your Terms?

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Have you ever even considered what your life would look like if you had the unrestricted ability and the resources to do what you want to do, have what you want to have, be who you want to be?


<ul><li> 1. DO YOU HAVE THE COURAGE ToFire Your Boss andLive Your Life On Your Terms?Have you ever even considered what your life would look likeif you had the unrestricted ability and the resources to do what youwant to do, have what you want to have, be who you want to be?Have you ever taken the time to choose your ideal home, your ideal car, your ideal lifestyle?If you haven't, the question is why?Chances are you've fallen pray to one of the deadliest plaguesof ALL time called'The Blind Leading The Blind Syndrome'.But what does it mean, right?It simply means that if you follow the advice of people who don't have what you want to have andwho are not moving in that direction, you're pretty much GUARANTEED to not get what you want.However, the sad tragedy of the lives of most people lies in the fact that this is exactly what they do.They listen to people whose lives don't come even close to their true dreams and desires, and thenwonder why they end up in a hole. Surprise, surprise... they got what was coming to them, they justdidn't see it coming and got slapped right in the face.One of the greatest lies of our time is that you've got to have a jobto earn money....</li></ul> <p> 2. Why is that?Probably because ever since we were little kids, we've been told to study hard, get good grades, toto college and get a safe, secure job, otherwise our whole life would be a failure.Well, let me bring it to you straight....There is no such thing as a safe, secure job! There is no security in a job! Even a job for thegovernment isn't secure anymore!Plus, a job has got to be the lamest, dumbest, absolutely worst way to make money! (And given thefact that people get jobs to make money it's even more startling...)Here's why:First, in a job you're trading time for money. The amount of money you're able to make isdependent solely on your effort and the time you put in limited time =&gt; limited income.Second, a job is just a more civilized form of slavery. Most people hate their jobs. The only reasonthey do it is to get paid, that's it no enthusiasm, no joy, no nothing.Just a day-to-day existence from Dammit, it's Monday again. to Thank God it's Friday!That's NOT what you dreamed of as a child...Is it?Unfortunately, most of us choose to abandon their dreams of freedom, happiness and wealth,dreams of fast sports cars and sunny beaches and settle for a life where somebody else is tellingthem every day what to do...A life where you know what is going to happen, when it's going to happen because that's whathappens every day...A life where there's no surprise, no excitement, no passion and no real drive...A life of survival instead a life of choice and adventure...A life spent trying to fit into a box that's way too small for us, tearing our dreams into pieces,settling for less than we can be... 3. ...never realizing, that there is, in fact, a BETTER WAY,a way to have it ALL...Now, if you love your job great for you! But still, you deserve to get rich, and by rich I mean apoint where you can be, do and have ANYTHING you want, I mean a Life On Your Terms, and youain't gonna accomplish that through a good ol' J.O.B.The truth is that if you want something, you've got a right to have it. And if somebody else has got aLamborghini that you like, it's proof that you can get one of your own.You don't need to know HOW yet. You just need to know WHAT.The path to Firing Your Boss finally revealed....(for courageous eyes only...)The path to Firing Your Boss, great wealth and freedom lies in increasing the service you providewithout involving your physical presence at all times.IMPOSSIBLE? - Not at all.Actually, countless people have done it and there's a ton of ways it could be done. Bottom line,there's something for EVERYBODY including you :-)One possible strategy is writing a book. You write it once and the value it contains will be out thereserving millions of people, while you're sinking your toes into the hot sand on a sunny beach,having dinner with your family or simply sleeping.You could learn how to invest in real estate and give service through providing homes for people.The cool thing about it is that you get to earn a passive monthly income from the rent you collect ;-)You could learn how to invest in stocks or trade foreign currencies.You could learn how to invest in precious metals like gold and silver.You could join a network marketing company. What's cool about this model is that you sell otherpeople's products and once you build a team, you're able to earn an income that's leveraged throughthe efforts of other people.Last but not least, you could test out my 'Secret Super CASHFLOW Accelerator'.If you don't have a whole lot of time and can only embark on this quest part-time, if you don't havea ton of experience, yet you'd like to see results fast, I think you're gonna love it ;-)You can check it out HERE :-). 4. The Life On Your Terms is waiting for you....But it's not gonna wait forever.Whatever you do, do something. Start today.Look, you're here, you've gone through this whole material and you KNOW you want a better life just do it. Take action.Don't try to be perfect. Learn, grow and move forward that's all that matters.Hopefully the views and strategies shown in this article have been helpful to you and will help youon the path towards creating a Life On Your Terms, a life that you truly desire.Make it Happen!See ya,ukasz </p>