How do you get lean with high intensity

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<ol><li> 1. If you are not training with high intensity you are kiddingyourself if you are trying to get lean As you consider how to get lean and rid yourself of body fat to reveal a hard body once and for all, you have probably run across lots of advice and some of it may be directly contradictory to each other, but theres a consensus on some matters, that to burn fat, you need to exercise at high intensity. High intensity is defined as working at 85 to 90 percent of your maximum heart rate, or lifting a weight with which you can only perform six to eight repetitions to failure </li><li> 2. For the best results, the bulk of your exercise should be resistance work likeweight lifting and bodyweight exercises like pull ups. Cardio, like runningand cycling, just isnt as effective. A Canadian study found that the benefits of10 minute high intensity workouts, three times a week, were as effective ashours of exercise at moderate intensity. So when you are wondering how toget lean, high intensity exercise is a good bet.Interval training is a great way to do high intensity work. In interval training,you alternate between bursts of high intensity work and moderate intensity,always beginning with the moderate work to serve as a warm up. Eachinterval should be about 30 seconds long, and your entire session should beno more than 15 minutes, three times a week.High intensity interval training as an element to getting lean is primarily dueto excess post oxygen consumption, or EPOC. Put simply, your metabolismburns fat at a higher rate for a full day after your exercise session. It improvesyour endurance, power, and speed so you can advance faster withoutsuffering the effects of muscle </li><li> 3. This kind of training, however, carries a higher risk of over training. For thisreason, when you work at high intensity, your recovery period becomes evenmore important than usual. After exercise, rehydrate yourself with water andhave a healthy protein and carbohydrate snack or meal within an hour afteryour workout. Give yourself time to rest and recover because this is whenyou develop your lean muscles, the key performance indicator being if youdont improve your weights and/or reps at each weight training session youare likely overtraining.Adequate sleep is another critical factor in getting lean. Its critical to properhormone balance which regulates your metabolism and other body processes.You should be getting at least seven hours a night, and its best if you get tobed at a consistent time.If youre feeling fatigued, that can have some impact getting lean. You mayfind yourself turning to food (or sugary soft drinks) to help you stay awake.You may experience increased levels of cortisol in the blood, which triggersyour body to hold on to fat. And you may not have the energy you reallyneed to devote to </li><li> 4. High intensity exercise is one of the critical keys to getting lean. You shouldalso consume a nutritious, whole food diet. Those last few pounds of fat canseem so stubborn, but with a little dedication and the right kind of exercise,you can do it.Emma Rasmussen is a women who is concerned and bemused with themisconceptions out there about how do you get lean, its simple a process andshould grow you mentally to new levels, check out more free reports</li></ol>