How to Vacuum...the "right" way

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<p> 1. How to Vacuum Carpet...the right way Have you wondered if there is a right way to vacuum carpet? There is! I discovered that the tricks my teenage step-brother showed me as a kid were right on when it comes to getting your carpet looking brand new. This step by step guide will hopefully inform and equip you to conquer that dirty carpet. 2. Step 1: Use the vacuum cleaner crevice tool to clean around the edges of your room 3. Step 2: Use the vacuum crevice tool or flat universal piece to clean under furniture 4. Step 3: Starting at the corner farthest from the door, vacuum left to right then front to back 5. Step 4: Vacuum your way out the door 6. Ready to go tackle that room? If youd like to read more about this post, as well as find other cleaning tips and tricks please visit: carpet/ </p>