LinkedIn: Working with Tags to Create Custom Mailing Lists

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Short tutorial demonstrates how to create LinkedIn tags, attach them to contacts and use them to create customized mailing lists.

Text of LinkedIn: Working with Tags to Create Custom Mailing Lists

  • 1. 20:20 LINKEDIN: WORKING WITH TAGS 20:20 e-Learning from The Learning Maverick
  • 2. IMAGES The cutout figures in this module appear through a subscription with eLearning Brothers. The office scapes are from Unless otherwise credited, other images appearing in this program were obtained via Microsoft Office clipart. Click anywhere now to continue. Maverick Learning Designs, 2012
  • 3. Hi! Im Dennis, the Learning Maverick. Iveattached the 20:20 brand to no-frills, ultra-affordable learning experiences that havemore or less 20 slides and can be reviewedin less than 20 minutes. My hope is thatyoull find them easy to complete whenyou have a breather betweencalls, customer visits, or the like.
  • 4. I hope youll enjoy learning several things inthis module: that, by assigning tags to yourLinkedIn contacts, youll gain the ability tobroadcast messages easily to thosebearing one or more chosen tags; how toadd new tags; how to attach tags tocontacts; how to use tags to create amailing list; that you shouldnt attach thesame tag to more than fifty contacts; andhow to add those contacts bearing any ofseveral different tags to a single mailing list.Ill get out of the way now and let myassociate, Carrie, guide you through themodule. Are you ready, Carrie?
  • 5. Come on, Dennis, you missed your chanceto say, Tag, youre it!OK people, lets get to work!Think of tags as categories to which youassign your LinkedIn contacts. One of yourcontacts might be a doctor. Two might belawyers. A third might be both a doctor andan Indian Chiefyou get the idea.Oh, and by the way, after youve finishedreading the text on one of our slides, youcan click anywhere to advance to the nextslide, unless I give you other instructions.
  • 6. You may be askingyourself, Self, why do I need touse tags? Why?????? Image credit: Unknown
  • 7. Heres your answerIf youve assigned tags to your contacts,you can target messages to only thosecontacts having certain tags. Forexample, you might want to send amessage only to the 12 wizards amongyour contacts. Instead of having towrite twelve messages, you can reachthem all with one. Ill show you how todo that in just a bit. First, Ill show youhow to create a tag.
  • 8. VISUAL AID One Message 12 Little Wizards Maverick Learning Designs, 2012
  • 9. To work with your tags, youll begin by clicking Contacts. That will make your list of tags appearMaverick Learning Designs, 2012
  • 10. down here. Maverick Learning Designs, 2012
  • 11. To create a new tag, first click Manage.Click Manage now to continue. Maverick Learning Designs, 2012
  • 12. ventriloquists Next, type the name of the new tag and click Add New Tag to add it to your list of tags. Click Add New Tag now. Maverick Learning Designs, 2012
  • 13. To delete a tag you will tick thewee white x in front of its name.Tick the x beside C-Levelnow, please Tick the circle adjacent to C-Level. Maverick Learning Designs, 2012
  • 14. and then click Finished. Now click Finished. Maverick Learning Designs, 2012
  • 15. To attach one of your tags to acontact, select them andthen, on the right, click EditTags. Click Edit Tags now to continue. Maverick Learning Designs, 2012
  • 16. Next, you will either type the name of a newtag or tick the box next to the name of one ofyour existing tags. Then youll click Save. Tags Click Save now. Maverick Learning Designs, 2012
  • 17. Now, when you click the tag in the left column, onlythose with that tag appear in the center column. Maverick Learning Designs, 2012
  • 18. To add the names of those in the center column to a mailinglist, you will click All, or select contacts individually by tickingthe box beside their thumbnails. Another option is to click Alland then deselect any individuals to whom you do not wish toaddress your message. Click All now to continue. Maverick Learning Designs, 2012
  • 19. Now the names of the selected contactsappear in the right column; this is your mailinglist. To draft a message, you will click SendMessage. (You can also delete an individual Click send message now to continue.from the mailing list, without detaching theirtags.) Mailing List Maverick Learning Designs, 2012
  • 20. A pre-addressed message form opens. Typeyour message, uncheck the box below if youdont want recipients to see one anothersnames and then click Send Message. Click Send Message now to continue. Maverick Learning Designs, 2012
  • 21. Now, heres an important tip that may save youa lot of time and brain damage: Never attachthe same tag to more than fifty contacts!
  • 22. Linkedin wont allow you to send a message tomore than 50 contacts at a time. If you try, youllfind that the Send message button in the rightcolumn is grayed-out, meaning that it isinactivated.So what do you do if 95 of your contacts arelumberjacks? Maverick Learning Designs, 2012
  • 23. Ive spent many years in the banking business and have wellover one hundred bankers among my contacts. Rather thanattach the same tag to all of them, Ive divided them up amongfive tags, Bankers 01, Bankers 02, and so fourth. (Ive actuallyassigned just 40 to each tag, to give myself a margin ofprotection against accidentally over-populating them.)So how does this help me? See if you can guess the answerbefore continuing to the next slide. Maverick Learning Designs, 2012
  • 24. By attaching a tag to no more than 50 contacts, Ive gainedthe ability to send a message to everyone with that tag.Of course, Ill need to send the same message fourtimes, but that definitely beats having to address onemessage to hundreds of individuals.
  • 25. Lets say that I want to send a message both to those with the Project Management tag and those with the High Tech tag. My first step is to click one of the tags. Click Project Management for me now, please.Click Project Management now to continue. Maverick Learning Designs, 2012
  • 26. Ive selected the Project Managers; their names nowappear in my mailing list in the right column. Next, Illclick... Mailing List Maverick Learning Designs, 2012
  • 27. High Tech in the left column. Mailing ListPlease click High Tech now. Maverick Learning Designs, 2012
  • 28.