New year resolutions for the working professional

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New Year Resolutions for the Working Professional


Zoffio #2015 #Work #Resolutions #OfficeSupplies New Year Resolutions for the Working ProfessionalWork being such a huge part of our lives, its natural that our thoughts linger on our career aspirations when the time comes to set New Year goals.Here are some useful and achievable New Year Resolution ideas you can make to give your career a boost in 2015.

Zoffio #Promotion #Resolutions #OfficeSupplies Getting a Raise/PromotionTalk to your manager about what it will take & what is the timeline to achieve a raise or promotion. Think of what your organization needs. To ensure that you offer what the company needs, make a list of your responsibilities, your major projects, projects youve worked on that you werent asked to do, recommendations or endorsements from others inside or outside your company, future responsibilities, etc. Quantify your accomplishments.

Zoffio #Job #Resolution #OfficeSupplies Quitting your JobConsider a new role within your current company. An internal move is usually an easier and quicker way to achieve your career goals. Whether you stick with your employer or pursue a job elsewhere, you should take the time to figure out exactly what you want from a new job & then ensure that your LinkedIn profile & your rsum represent your skills and aspirations appropriately.

Zoffio #Job #Resolution #OfficeSupplies Getting a New JobOnly quit your current job if you have a new one lined up. You have a lot more leverage that way.If youre unable to find a new job, consider modifying your job description within the same company. The company has invested in you and a slight shift in your role and responsibilities may be a win-win for everyone.

Zoffio #Organized #Resolution #OfficeSupplies Being more OrganizedBeing organized is crucial to higher productivity & efficiency. Having an organized calendar/schedule & an organized desktop are must for a professional in this age of back-to-back meetings and multi-tasking.

Zoffio #Work #Resolution #OfficeSupplies Improving your Work-Life BalanceConsider coming in earlier. If you can get things done in the morning, it will allow you to leave earlier each day.Another solution is to delegate more. You should also prioritize better. Work on the most important projects and dont try to finish everything in one day. Theres always tomorrow!

Zoffio #Degree #Resolution #OfficeSupplies Getting a DegreeThere are endless options for online or flexible degree programs for working professionals, so set the wheels in motion in 2015 by researching programs & setting a date by which you want to complete the program. Its simply never too late.

Zoffio #Work #Resolution #OfficeSupplies The key is to not abandon your work resolutions. As the year wears on, the excitement of a new plan can wear out, unless you stay vigilant in your purpose. Stay motivated, think about what youll achieve if you keep up with your New Year Resolutions.Good luck! We hope you have a productive 2015, Happy New Year!


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