Romantic Ideas For Teens - Five Inexpensive Date Ideas

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  • ==== ==== Click on the link for your free eBook:- 101 Romantic Ideas ==== ==== Believe it or not, being romantic doesn't always mean that you have to act Romeo and Juliet orTitanic. It's much simpler than that (Thanks god for that!): You have to focus on having as muchfun as you possibly can, and doing all the things you like. Of course if all your dates consist of dinner and a movie, then the first order of business is to tryout lots of new things, so that you can find out what you actually love doing together with yourboyfriend or girlfriend. Don't misunderstand me: I'm not saying that a dinner and a movie date is bad, in my opinion it'snot even boring. I absolutely love the idea, especially if the movie is good (or at least not that bad)!But a little variety can always have positive effects on any relationship, so why not try totallydifferent things? Below I've collected mostly inexpensive romantic ideas, since I know money can be a big issue forteens. Don't let that stop you from discovering other sources of great fun! Here are some tips that could help you out: 1. Dancing! I'm going to be honest with you, dancing is one of my greatest passions! It gives you aperfect chance to bond with your boyfriend/girlfriend at a higher level, socialize, get to know newpeople, and have tremendous fun! A monthly membership fee doesn't cost more than a few bucks.Imagine what it'll feel like dancing in the rain when you're more advanced. 2. Another great idea can be having a romantic picnic. Again, a romantic picnic doesn't necessarilyhave to be too much different from a normal family picnic for example, but you should focus onyour partner more. I think that won't be too difficult if you love each other, and since there'll be onlythe two of, you'll have no one else to focus your attention on. Just make sure to bring the following things: Bug spray, drinking water, blanket, food that don'tspoil easily, warm clothes, a sharp knife, napkins and plastic glasses. But where to go? Here are some romantic places to have a picnic: Beach, rooftop, riverside,spring, tree house or a field of wild flowers. 3. Discover some unknown fast food restaurants in your town (again just a few bucks), and seehow food tastes there. If you don't like the new place, just forget about it, but if you really love thefood you can always come back next time. Obviously the emphasis is not on the restaurantsthemselves, but on spending time together with your boyfriend/girlfriend.
  • 4. Go tandem biking along the beach. It'll feel more romantic if you go at sunset or sunrise. Justbring a bottle of water and you're ready to have fun! Or if there's no beach around your town youcan go sightseeing instead. 5. Cook something delicious together. Bake a cake or cookies for example and decorate them witheach other's names or initials, using some kind of cream or chocolate sauce. You can find easyand simple recipes on the net for free. I hope you've liked the ideas listed above, and that you'll give them a try to bring more variety andfun into your relationship! Always remember: Romantics are the happiest people in the world! Istvan Fabian Copyright All Rights Reserved. For even more romantic ideas and tips visit Article Source: ==== ==== Click on the link for your free eBook:- 101 Romantic Ideas ==== ====