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its more about how to handle stress and different techniques

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2. COMMUNICATION SKILLSPRESENTATIONSPresenters:-Sanjoy Monterio 33Subodh More 34Nikhil Mota 35Sayali Naik 36 3. STRESS MANAGEMENTHOW TO MANAGE STRESS? 4. Presentation OutlineWhat is stressTypes of stressCause of stressSigns of stressProcess of stress managementBenefits of stress managementConclusion 5. I HATE YOUWhat Is stress ?Stress is the wear and tear our minds andbodies experience as we attempt to copewith our continually changing environment 6. What is stressS = P > RStress occurs when the pressure isgreater than the resource 7. Types of stress Positive stress Negative stressLet me think. 8. Types of stress 9. Causes of stressWhile incarcerated prisoners maketwenty decisions a day, those of uswalking the streets make onehundred & twenty decisions a day.-Prison Fellowship 10. Causes of stress Physical Environment Emotional Thinking Behavioural SpiritualI got it. 11. Causes of stress Physical Emotional 12. Causes of stress Thinking Behavioural SpiritualU r sick 13. SIGNS OF STRESS Physical symptoms Mental symptoms Behavioural symptoms Emotional symptomsOh!! Good 14. Stress ManagementTechniqueA B C STRATEGY 15. ABC STRATEGYA = AWARENESSWhat causes you stress?How do you react? 16. ABC STRATEGYB = BALANCEThere is a fine line between positive /negative stressHow much can you cope with before itbecomes negative ? 17. ABC STRATEGYC = CONTROLWhat can you do to help yourself combat thenegative effects of stress ? 18. Stress ManagementTechniquesOh!!!!!!!!!! great Change your thinking Change your behaviour Change your lifestyle 19. Change your Thinking Re-framing Positive thinking 20. Change your Behaviour Be assertive Get organised Ventilation Humour Diversion and distractionOh!!! realy 21. Change Your Lifestyle Diet Smoking & Alcohol Exercise Sleep Leisure Relaxation 22. Alternatives Conventional Medicine Counselling &psychotherapy Relaxation Meditation Massage Yoga Acupuncture Aromatherapy Floatation Herbalism Biofeedback Homeopathy Hypnotherapy Osteopathy Pet Therapy Reflexology 23. Benefits of StressManagement Physical health gets better-more energy and stamina Emotions stabilized-positive attitude-hopeful/happier Ability to focus improved-able to learn and achieve 24. BIBLOGRAPHY 25. The key word is balance 26. Questions 27. Thank You